How do you recognise that your house or workplace is facing west? Well, your house’s direction is defined by the direction of your home’s main door. Stand inside your house facing the main door and find out its direction with the help of the compass. If your main entrance door is facing west, then you have a west facing house. Same is for every other direction as well.

Many people have a misconception about west facing main door being inauspicious or bad for their household. But, west facing main doors can be inauspicious only if the directions is unfavourable based on the date of birth of the ‘bread-winner’. To maintain the well-being and prosperity of your house, the main door must be located in the best suitable direction.

Every aspect of your living and working should be favourable and good as per Vastu. If your west facing dwelling is good in Vastu, then you have nothing to worry about. Although every favourable direction has its merits, it is important to make the west facing house Vastu perfect because trouble in one aspect of life can trigger problems in others. For example, if the family has steady flow of money and is financially stable, but is faced with constant health issues of individual family members, then the money earned will be spent on medical bills.

If the West Facing Main Door is in the –

Favourable Directions of the Breadwinner

  • 1st Favourable Direction:

First favourable direction is the ideal direction for any situation. West facing house proves to be beneficial in many ways. You will find success in career and business. The concentration level of your children will also improve. Relationships within your family will become better.

  • 2nd Favourable Direction:

In this case you will lead a happy family life. You will also have a steady growing career. The family will be blessed with good health, with lesser risk of accidents. If any legal cases, they will result in your favour.

  • 3rd Favourable Direction:

You will receive good support from family and friends in your 3rd favourable direction. Businessmen will receive good and quick support to grow their business. As per Vastu, fire related mishaps and thefts will not bother. Quite naturally, identification of a proper west facing house is important.

  • 4th Favourable Direction:

Those living in this house will always be favoured by luck. Any pending legal cases will get resolved quickly and thriftily. Any tasks undertaken in this house will be accomplished without any hurdles. There won’t be any quarrels in the family, and your family members will be safe from the mishaps.

Unfavourable Directions of the Breadwinner

  • 1st Unfavourable Direction:

If west is your unfavourable direction, then you tend to face many misfortunes. You may lack financial stability and also face problems in office and business. There will be problems within the family and children will struggle in their studies. In general, happiness will elude the family.

  • 2nd Unfavourable Direction:

In this case your family will be affected with health-related problems with a higher risk of accident issues. The chances of losing court cases are also higher which makes the selection of a west facing house even more important.

  • 3rd Unfavourable Direction:

Here you might face issues at home, and may not enjoy support in business or work. The chances of fire related mishaps and thefts are higher.

  • 4th Unfavourable Direction:

Those residing in this house will have frequent quarrels and will be marred with misfortune. The residents will face difficulty in every task to achieve their goals. Legal issues will also spiral out of control. Therefore, it is imperative to live in a west facing house.

With the help of Saral Vaastu, make your house and workplace Vastu perfect, and make your west facing house auspicious in every aspect.