In this world of cut-throat competition, every parent or guardian is certainly concerned about the educational prospects of their children. Every student wants to score high marks in order to get success in their respective exams or get admission in reputable schools, colleges or institutions of higher learning. In this rat race of reaching the peak, some get the desired results, some do not succeed and some fails miserably.

The occurrence of disappointing results may, in turn, make the failing students full of suicidal tendencies, depression, insomnia and a feeling of utter helplessness. Complete success in learning at their own level in their respective field of study is the ambition and aim of every student.

All education-related problems lie in your house. So is the solution to those problems.

Vidhya Sthan (Education-Place)

Every house has a ‘Vidya Sthan’ or an Education Place. Sometimes, the education place may not be present in the house; even if the education place is present in the house, there are chances it might be blocked due to the location of the bathroom, toilet or utility rooms. Due to this, the educational issues start raising its head and the most vulnerable of the students get affected.

Position of the study place

Every house has an educational place. If the educational place is affected, then automatically, there would be problems in your children’s education.

When children inadvertently follow the unfavourable direction, the 7 Chakras will be affected, leading to problems in education, lack of concentration, memory loss, stress, etc.

This makes the position of the education place of utmost importance.

Problems faced by Students

If the educational pattern or routine of the students at home gets disturbed, they would be unable to succeed in their studies, howsoever much they try.

Also, if they concentration and focusing ability of the students are compromised, they will not be able to retain and recall the studied information during their exams. This will also Children will not able to concentrate on their studies and their memory retention power would decrease. Children will not be able to understand subject concepts.

Even as the breadwinner of the family, you won’t be able to utilize your knowledge and wisdom that could lead to loss of livelihood as well as a demotion in the job with no support from superiors.

How does Saral Vaastu help the children of the house or students, to have a good education?

Without any breakages or alterations, Saral Vaastu’s Vastu for education concept gives solutions for the affected ‘Vidya Sthan’ in your house.

Saral Vaastu suggests, ‘best study direction’ and ‘best sleeping direction’ to improve concentration and memory power.

The ‘retention power’ of the brain also increases by activating 7 Chakras. The concerned student can study for 2-3 hours without any discomfort and distraction. They will be full of concentration and will be able to memorize all the important concepts.

Saral Vaastu‘s “Vastu for Education” concept can help you for best academics results.