Saral Vaastu FAQ provides information about Saral Vaastu Service, How Saral Vaastu Works, How one can avail Saral Vaastu Service, etc

In how many days can we expect result from Saral Vaastu ?

After the complete implementation of Saral Vaastu procedures, as suggested by Guruji, definite results will be observed within 7 – 180 days.


How is Saral Vaastu different from other Ancient Indian Vaastu Shastra ?

Our expert would visit your premises and analyse the dwelling/workplace plan with regard to your  Date of Birth. We give Scientific Solutions to the problems faced by you and your family members. We assure results within 7 – 180 days after implementing our Services.

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How is Saral Vaastu different from other vaastu services ?


All of these ancient Indian traditional destiny prediction tools, are basically customized solution of predictions made for an individual member, who provides his details to the experts, who in turn gets the predictions related to that particular member made, in the form of customized individual Charts. In Saral Vaastu apart from provideing  the Chart related to the favourable and unfavourable direction, colors etc. We do provide the Charts for each and every member of the family, informing them of their positive and negative energy sources and finding out the common thread of problems, affecting the whole family.

How exactly does Saral Vaastu work ?

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Through the universal application of Saral Vaastu principles , our Saral Vaastu expert , will make a physical inspection of your house or workplace ,  consult your house plan ,workplace plan or establishment plan ( in case you don’t have a plan , our expert will make a plan on the spot ) and then provide accurate prediction of your problem spots in the house .

 If the prediction matches with the exact problem/s, faced by the householder or head of the establishment, then without making any change to the current construction plan (breakages or alterations), our expert provides Saral Vaastu remedies, in the form of various materials, duly energized and blessed by Dr. Chandrashekhar Guruji. With the help of customized individual charts, displaying favourable and non-favourable directions, coupled with favourable and non-favourable colors including neutral colors , various inputs of individual Date of Birth, lucky number etc  branched together in the form of CHARTS and  based on every single family member’s Data; our learned experts after finding out the exact nature of the problem , provide the exact remedial solution and procedure towards the redressed of your perennial problem and that of your family members. Permanent scientific solutions of Saral Vaastu, helps in turning back the clock of your misfortune ,in turn bringing in gigantic progress in all spheres of life; physical, spiritual and materialistic.

How do I avail Saral Vaastu services ?

The below displayed phone numbers in “contact us”, related to the three states, namely Maharashtra, Karnataka and Gujarat; we provide our services within 3 – 5 days by scheduling a visit by our Saral Vaastu expert, to your respective home or workplace. PAN- INDIA consultation will be scheduled, as per the availability and convenience of both, the expert and the householder or the aggrieved party.

Can Saral Vaastu be applied to Rented Premises ?

The beauty of Saral Vaastu is that whosoever resides in either rented or his own ownership premises, gets the benefits out of it. The person inhabiting a particular place matters, rather than the place itself. Whosoever resides at a particular place and starts a particular business, could get the benefit of Saral Vaastu after implementing the proper procedure as laid down by our expert and would definitely get the desired results in 7 – 180 days.

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Can Saral Vaastu be beneficial for us, with regards to our health problems ?

Saral Vaastu not only helps in the rectification of our health issues but also helps in the resolving of matrimonial issues, children’s education related issues, personal problems, problems related to house or establishment by locating the problems in the House Plan, through the complete appraisal by experts and finding suitable solutions by locating energy inducing direction and energy places in the house. The Aura of the correct Energy spot , combined with the right direction , goes a long way in not only getting the affected people free from all health related maladies, but getting rid of the other mentioned problems as well.

Now a days Health related issues are affecting each and everybody in the household. A simple change in the weather can bring along a host of health related issues. Dengue, malaria, common cough and cold have now become household diseases and very common in metropolitan and cosmopolitan cities. So it has become all the more imperative to keep ourselves safer and our body immune from their onslaught.

In taking the first preventive step , Saral Vaastu lays importance on the location of a Health Place in our homes or working places . If the health place or exact spot is located , by our Saral Vaastu expert, it will directly start passing of energy inducing aura through a favourable direction , in the house . The harmful vibes in the house, causing the negative energy to stay in the shape of various maladies afflicting the members of the house, would definitely go away , making way for positive energy to enter the house, curing the household members of all their ill- health related issues. This health place or spot that was up to now filled up with negative energy will now start emanating positive energy and will in turn ,create a healthy atmosphere in the house. The peaceful atmosphere in the house will also bring in Wealth and Prosperity and   create a sense of goodwill where every member “Earns with Peace”.

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