shri-guruji-social-workJeevan Samasya Mukta Gram Yojna is a great social initiative envisioned by Dr. Sri Chandrashekhar Guruji for the betterment of mankind. Under ‘Jeevan Samasya Mukta Gram Yojna’ program villages are adopted by C G Parivar and every member of the village will be given Saral Vaastu to their Home. Saral Vaastu will help the villagers to improvise their health, wealth, happiness, peace and prosperity and enhances their quality of life. The social project is ‘completely free’ for all the villagers. Godchi village is the first such village adopted by C G Parivar under ‘Jeevan Samasya Mukta Gram Yojna’ program. Mr. Nagraj Chuby who is the local Vidhan Sabha Parishad member for Godchi village has inaugurated the program. He has explained that Guruji could have selected another village to pass on the benefits of Saral Vaastu to a relatively better place, but opted for this underprivileged and poor village. He also mentioned that Guruji’s motive is to help the Villagers genuinely by passing the benefits of Saral Vaastu and improvise their lives. Vastu Experts from Saral Vaastu are positioned in the village to complete vastu consultation for every home.

C G Parivar’s main motto is to provide solutions to all the problems in life. C G Parivar is acquiring 14 acres of land on the Hubli-Dharwad road for the poor and orphan children’s education. 

Once completed this facility will be providing residential education to more than 10,000 students every year at free of cost. Guruji also shared his idea about another innovative program, the “SHIKSHAN SAMASYA MUKTA GRAM YOJNA”. Under this program, students who are not able to concentrate and study, will be taught the techniques to study and concentrate through Saral Vaastu.Saral Vaastu experts will provide training to the teachers in all the colleges in Karnataka, so that they can learn to study the compass and will ask the children to sit in their favorable directions for their betterment.