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Saral Vaastu concepts were formulated after years of research by Dr. Shri. Chandrashekhar Guruji. Your relationship with your family members, office colleagues or business partners is harmed by the flow of energy in your home, office, and business surroundings.

Relationships play a very important role in our everyday life.

Amongst varied form of relationships there is a bond of husband and wife, which is considered to be sacred and pious in our culture. Also, it’s not only a bond between bride and groom, but their families as well.

Marriage is an important phase of everyone’s life in the family. In the traditional family structure, it is imperative that everybody should go through the ‘Grahastra Ashrama’ or enjoy a conjugal life.

But nowadays, we see a lot of cases pertaining to relationships breakdown and issues leading to divorce and separation. This has caused a lot of social turmoil in the society.

Significance of Vastu for marriage to overcome the issues that are causing delay or the breakdown in marriages

Relationship-Place – ‘Sambandhsthan’ & ‘Vivahsthan’

Every house has a relationship place. That place should be well secured. If relationship place is affected by the negativity from toilet or bathroom and utilities, automatically, there would be problems in fixing up marriage alliance.

Sleeping Direction

When the bride is unable to find a suitable marriage partner, then the reason may be inadvertent facing in her unfavourable direction during the bride seeing process, which may lead to the disagreement in the marriage proposal.

If the prospective bride’s bedroom or sleeping direction is in her unfavourable direction, then it may cause health problems for the bride.

In other cases, many prospective grooms and their families who will pay a visit to the bride’s place but at the last moment after initial acceptance, some kind of unexplained problems in the finalization of the marriage arises. Other reasons may include, demand of dowry or any other issues, which may also develops problem in the finalization of the marriage

How does Saral Vaastu help in solving marriage-related issues?

Saral Vaastu provides with easy and suitable vastu remedies for marriage-related issues under their Vastu for marriage concept.

Saral Vaastu helps in channelizing the positive energy around everyone. The changes will be done without any breakages or alterations in your premise.

Saral Vaastu’s solution for marriage, suggests the best direction for the bride and groom to sit and the lucky colours enhancing their positive aura, so that the prospective marriage alliance becomes a reality, leading to marriage solemnization.

Upcoming Event

Saral Marriage

Dr. Shri. Chandrashekhar Guruji has been serving millions of people through different initiatives for the Betterment of Mankind. Towards this we have launched Saral Marriage, whose objective is to create sustainable relationships.

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