Home is a place, where one gets to rest, relax and spend time with one’s family and friends. It is a place where we cherish so many memories and emotional moments with our near and dear ones. Home is therefore a place close to one’s heart. If your home environment is not harmonious and comfortable, it may impact your overall well-being, happiness, prosperity and health. So, do you feel relaxed and refreshed after coming back home from work? Are you in good terms with your family members? Are you enjoying good health and do you get sound sleep at night?

If the above is not true, then your house needs to be enriched with positive vibrations and energy. Saral Vastu for house helps to create that ambiance and atmosphere in your home that would attract abundance, prosperity and happiness. Vastu for Home offers personalized solutions based on algorithms surrounding individual’s date of birth and does not involve any structural change or breakage.


Vastu for Kitchen

Is your family facing health issues every now and then? Is the progress and prosperity of you and your family a cause of concern for you? The reason could be the negative energies in your kitchen, which is the energy centre or the heart of your home. The kitchen has always been considered as a very important place in the household. In the olden times, big kitchen rooms used to be the norms. There was no hard and fast rule, for the construction of the traditional kitchens in a specific direction.

Saral Vastu for kitchen, helps you to figure out the factors that create energy imbalance in your kitchen. Factors pertaining to direction and structural placements may be responsible for this imbalanced energy. Accordingly remedies are suggested based on date of birth of householder and our Saral Four Sciences, so as to balance the energies in your kitchen.


Vastu for Bedroom

Did you know relationships problems could be linked to the way your bedrooms are placed and the furniture and items placed in it? Are you having regular quarrels with your family members? Is your relationship with spouse not harmonious or are there disturbances in your married life?

Don’t blame yourself or anybody. The root cause of it may be in your bedroom or the interior set up of it. Saral Vastu for bedrooms helps to diagnose the root cause of your relationship issues. Our experts look at the floor plan of your house and the interior set up. Based on these observations, they figure out the causes that disturb the free flow of natural energy in your bedroom, impacting your happiness and well-being.


Vastu for Study Rooms

One of the essential thing for humans is the process of learning. The process takes place through several ways, such as, reading or studying, observing, and many other physical and spiritual means. Most commonly followed method is studying. Studying needs a lot of attention, concentration and focus. If your children or anybody in your home pursuing any kind studies, is unable to concentrate on studies or unable to excel in academics, the reason could be the energy fields at home, particularly the study room.

The key to learning well is not entirely up to you but also the kind of energy that surrounds you and your home. Saral Vastu for Study Room helps makes diagnosis of such environmental factors at home and study room that create negative vibrations and impact your focus and concentration on studies.


Vastu for Pooja Room

The place that is most sacred and auspicious in your home is the Pooja room or the Prayer room. It is a place where one finds peace of mind and tranquillity. This is a place where we offer prayers to God for fulfilment of our wishes. Hence any kind of negativity around this auspicious place could impact our well-being, luck, prosperity and success.

Are you facing delays in your undertaking and endeavours, and are your prayers not getting answered? The reason could be negative energies impacting your Pooja room. Saral Vastu for Pooja room helps to ward off negative energies surrounding your home and Pooja room and helps to enhance positive energies in your Pooja room by making simple and easy to implement solutions.


Vastu for Toilets - Bathroom

Toilets and bathrooms are places, where we wash and cleanse ourselves. These are places, which release the maximum amount of negative energy in your home environment. If toilets and bathrooms are not well-positioned in your home then it may lead to overflowing of negative energy causing ill-fate and obstacles in life. So, are you going through financial crisis and losses?

Are you having mental stress and have had some mishaps recently? If, yes then negative energies from your toilets and bathrooms may be responsible for it. Saral Vastu for Toilet and Bathroom helps to diagnose the causes of negative energies due to placement of toilets and bathrooms and other directional factors. Simple and easy to implement remedies are suggested for enhancing positive energies without any breakage or structural change.


Vastu for Main Door

Main door is like the ‘mouth in human body’ that allows the intake of food and nutrients for the sustenance of the body. Hence, if the main door of the house is not well-positioned it may lead to lot of problems to the householder and his family. If you are facing health issues or facing financial problems the reason could be your main door or entrance not in an auspicious direction.

Saral Vastu for main door diagnoses the causes of problems faced by the householders due to imbalances is the energies at home due to direction of the main door. The auspicious directions are determined based on various algorithms surrounding date of birth.