The Nine Quadrants or Sthans of a Plot or House

According to Vastu Shastra, every plot or house, regardless of its shape is divided into nine quadrants or ‘Sthans’. Each sthan has a defined purpose to serve and if the floor plan is not as per Vastu principles, that particular plot or house will have a profound impact in generation of negative energy. Even if the main door of your premise is located in the first favourable direction of the breadwinner, but the rooms are constructed in the wrong quadrant, you and your family members will face various life-related problems. If the toilets and sinks are constructed in inappropriate quadrants of the plot, it leads to creation in negative energy within the whole premise affecting the well-being of you and your family members.

Vastu is quite difficult to implement because of several parameters involved in it. Saral Vaastu analyse each and every aspect of your home including the main door, quadrants of the structure, energy fields, the surroundings and the ‘Panch Dhaatu’. Later, they devise a Vastu Floor Plan based on the favourable directions of the breadwinner of your house, which helps your whole family to find wealth, health, harmony, peace and happiness. It is said that a home provides 67% of Vastu support to you and hence it is imperative for you to make your house Vastu perfect.

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