Vastu for House

Home is a place, where one gets to rest, relax and spend time with family and friends. It is a place where we cherish many memories and emotional moments with our near and dear ones.

If your home environment is not harmonious and comfortable, it may impact your overall well-being, happiness, prosperity and health.

  • Do you feel relaxed and refreshed after coming back home from work?
  • Are you in good terms with your family members?
  • Are you enjoying good health and do you get sound sleep at night?
  • Are you doing well financially?

If above is true, then your house must be facing energy imbalance.

Saral Vastu for House offers personalized solutions based on scientific algorithms based on individual’s date of birth and does not involve any structural change or breakage.

Vastu for House (also known as Vastu for Home) involves

  • Right direction of bathroom, kitchen, bedroom
  • Placements of cooking gas, kitchen & bathroom water tap, kitchen cylinder
  • Various other items that are placed in the house

Guruji’s Saral Vastu Principles, helps you to identify the factors that create energy imbalance in your house. Factors related to directions and placements of various structures may be responsible for this imbalanced energy. Imbalanced energy can lead to various problems such as:

  • Severe Health issues in family members
  • Financial problems within the family
  • Lack of focus and concentration in children
  • Problems related to Career and Job
  • Delayed Marriage / Relationship problems

Using Saral Vastu principles, we draw the vastu house plan which is analyzed for the presence and balance of the cosmic energy in your house After deep study of vastu house plan, we predict major problems that you might be facing in your house – without asking you! We will tell you the root cause of the problems that you are facing

Vastu remedies for house (or Vastu remedies for home) are suggested based on date of birth and vastu plan for house. These remedies balance the energies in your house.

Common Myths for Vastu for House

Since 2000, Guruji has changed the lives of millions of his followers using Saral Vastu Principles. As per Guruji “Vastu Shastra is based on individual’s date of birth”. It’s not a set of generic guidelines applicable to all.

For example in an apartment, one family might earn lot of wealth and remain healthy, but living in the same apartment, some other family might lose all the money and will suffer from various illnesses.

Vastu for Main Door

Are you facing health issues or financial problems ? The reason could be wrong direction of your main door.

Vastu for Kitchen

Energy imbalance in your kitchen may be impacting your health.

Vastu for Bedroom

Bedroom is important in everyone’s life because while sleeping 6-8 hours in bedroom, our 7 chakras are enhanced by channelizing the Cosmic Energy.

Vastu for Pooja Room

Are your prayers not getting answered? The reason could be negative energies impacting your Pooja room.

Vastu for Study Room

Are you thinking EAST / NORTH are the only study directions? There are 6 more study directions. Based on the student’s date of birth the study direction is determined.

Vastu for Toilet & Bathroom

Toilets and Bathooms are the major source of negative energy in your house leading to frequent physical and mental issues etc.