How Vastu will have an impact on your Main Entrance Door?

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Main entrance door holds an important place in your house. It creates the first impression of your house. It is not just a source of the entrance of people, but energy as well. Thus, the main entrance has been given prime importance in Vaastu Shastra. It lets the flow of cosmic energy in or outside the house. Cosmic energy is that promotes your health, wealth and harmony.

Everything and anything around you affect you positively or negatively if not placed correctly. Similar is the case with the main entrance door. It is the entry and exit of the positive and negative energies. Vastu for main entrance door should be taken seriously, because of course you don’t want the negative energy to get stuck in your home or at your workplace.

Nevertheless, the main door of your house is where the most of the energy enters and therefore this door determines the flow of vibrations experienced by the household and its members.

The things that need to be taken care for your Main Door Vastu:

  • No Dustbin –

At any cost, avoid keeping a dustbin near the Main door as it brings in the negative energy into the house in abundance.

  • Avoid Darkness –

The Main door should never be dark. This place should always be bright and lit. Brightness wards off the negative energy and bad influences around the entrance.

  • Clutter-Free –

Keep the Main door entrance, free from any clutter and to make the surroundings absorb more and more positive energy.

  • Decorate for Positive Energy –

Decorate the Main door with Om, Swastik or flowers also lighting diyas, Incense sticks wards off negative energy. It also creates attraction for wealth to enter your house.

  • Facing of the Main Door –

The Main door should never face any religious place or an abandoned building as it is considered to be inauspicious and also brings in a lot of negative energy in your house.

  • Flow of Energy –

There shouldn’t be any obstruction like: walls, pole, and tree etc. in-front of the main door, as it distorts the energy to flow into the house.

  • Clockwise Opening –

main entrance door should always open in the clockwise direction, as anti-clockwise opening causes delay in the work and difference between the family member’s opinions.

Main Door Direction

As per Vastu Shastra, the main door of your house or your workplace has a significant impact on the lives of the people living or working in that place. The most important point related to the main door is the direction of the main door. There are 8 possible directions for the Main door, and each of this directions are favourable to some people and unfavourable to other people based on their date of birth and gender.

Get the Best Vastu for Entrance and Main Door

Saral Vaastu helps you with your Main entrance door’s Vastu in order to increase the flow of positive energy and other important aspects based on your date of birth. If the direction of your main door is not appropriate, you need not worry. Saral Vaastu helps you with simple and scientific ways to overcome the faulty entrance door.