Placement of everything in your house or workplace is of great value in Vastu, as everything gives out positive or negative energy. Pooja Room is one of those several things that should be taken care of according to Vastu as it is one of the major sources of positive energy. The correct placement of Pooja Room with Vastu not only brings positive energy, but it also helps in meditating and relaxing.

Just like everything else, worshipping has some rules and regulations to follow. A simple reason for this is producing positive energy by lightening up the lamps in the Pooja room, by offering flowers to God, or lighting up Camphor or ‘Karpoor’ and incense sticks ‘Agarbatti’, following other rituals. Through Prayer one can energize ‘Ajna Chakra’ for knowledge & intelligence and ‘Sahasra Chakra’ for enlightenment that is close to god.

You need to have a very clear understanding of the ways of generating positive energy in the house. Saral Vaastu helps you to provide you with the very simple and scientific solution to your Pooja Room problem.

Few things to avoid regarding Pooja Room as per Vastu for the generation of positive energy in your house:

  • Avoid placing Pooja Chamber in your bedroom or wall adjacent to your bedroom
  • Also, avoid the placement of Pooja Room near bathroom and toilets
  • Avoid the photos of someone who passed away in your Pooja Room
  • Do not keep dustbin or any kind dirt inside or near the Pooja room
  • Never keep broken idols or images of your God
  • Don’t sit directly on the floor of Pooja Room. Keep something to sit upon
  • Do not place idols or images of God right in-front of the entrance

All these things should be avoided in order to attract positive energy and harmony in your house. Avoidance of everything mentioned above, eliminate the negativity in and around your house. Praying and meditating are very auspicious moments in the everyday routine of your life. To make it more auspicious and impactful you can use correct Vastu for Pooja Room.

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