How will Vastu have an Impact on your Study Room?

One of an essential thing for humans is the process of learning. The process takes place through several ways, such as, reading or studying, observing, and many other physical and spiritual means. Most commonly followed method is studying. Studying needs a lot of attention, concentration and focus. Also it demands a place where one sits with a calm, composed and an open mind. The study room is a place where the grasping power of the mind increases; a place where one sits gently to focus on studies.

You have to make sure that the study room in your house is Vastu compliant so that while studying, the concentration level is maintained. The study room should be placed at an appropriate place and as per your favourable direction.

Vastu for Study Room and The Directions

The study room should be situated in directions that are viewed as favourable and auspicious. As per Vastu for study room principles, directions enhance the concentration of a student. Ensure that there is no mirror reflection in the study room as this may have an impact on the student. Students facing their favourable directions will feel energised in the right way and boost concentration levels and enable their Ajna Chakra.

These are some of the Study Room Vastu Tips

  • There should be an open space for students as it helps to develop fresh thoughts
  • The walls of study room should be painted in light and soothing colours
  • Avoid using dark colours for the study room
  • Lighting in the Study Room should be bright
  • Avoid dim lights, it can break concentration and focus.
  • Sunlight is the best light possible for any student
  • If the positioning of the books, table are put in a proper manner
  • Avoid sitting under a pillar, you will start having study pressure
  • The vibration in this room should be a soothing voice.
  • Do not sit below the beam while reading.
  • Study place should have ample amount of light.
  • The student should not face blank wall or window while learning.
  • Space between student and wall in front facilitates open mentality and new ideas. Create positivity around.
  • A solid wall behind student signifies support.
  • Avoid toilets in study place as far as possible.
  • The bookshelf should never be located over or above study table.
  • Use square or rectangular study table for best results.
  • Keep the study table some inches away from the wall.
  • The study room should have images of Lord Ganesha and Goddess Saraswati.
  • Placing a pyramid in study place balances energies and increases memory power.
  • Keep the study place clutter and noise free.

Above listed are Vastu tips for study room which will helps you to gain confidence and concentration in studies. To know your favourable direction while studying, contact the Experts at Saral Vaastu.