Have you ever thought, your body has the capacity to recover any health issue, either major or minor, within 7-180 days without any exercise, Diet and Medicine?

Every person in this universe is connected with the “4 science”. No one can choose to be unrelated to it. The 4 sciences are

  1. Direction Science
  2. Structure Science
  3. Energy Science
  4. Chakra Science

Direction Science

When the person is born, on that day onwards they get connected to the universal energy with the help of directions based on the date of birth. Every human being has four favourable and 4 unfavourable directions and knowingly and unknowingly when we follow the favourable directions we are able match the frequency of the inner and outer universal energy and we can experience happy and healthy life.

Structure Science

Every individual spends most of their time at their house and workplace. The same house or workplace is responsible for a healthy or unhealthy life in an individual. The main door of the house should always be in the favorable direction of the individual and also the interior premises of the house should match with that of the individual. When all these is taken care, the individual experiences good health and happiness in his life.

Energy Science

Energy is present everywhere around us, particularly in the premises where we work or stay. The energy can be either positive or negative.  By adapting unique science we can create positive energy in our surrounding. If our surrounding is filled with positive energy, we will have a healthy life.

Chakra Science

Every individual has seven major chakras in their body. Each and every chakra is connected to a particular organ. When the seven chakras are rejuvenated with the help of Direction Science, Structure Science and Energy Science, the individual attains a healthy life. In case the seven chakras are not rejuvenated properly, it would affect the organ related to that particular chakra leads to health issues.

Rejuvenating the seven chakras and maintaining a harmonious flow in all the chakras is more than enough to recover our body from any health issues. There is absolutely no need for any Diet, Exercise & Medicine.

Combination of all these 4 sciences- direction science, structure science, energy science and chakra science will help an individual to live a happy & healthy life. After 17 years of long research by Dr Chandrashekhar Guruji, CG Parivar foundation has invented this science.

Our Beneficiaries

Master Karan Pawar: Age 16 years, Student, Mumbai, Maharashtra

Karan has been staying in Thane, Mumbai with his parents and is facing food pipe problems since last 10 years and had to be hospitalized every 3 months. His family had tried all treatment options, but it was not helping Karan and the problem sustained. Karan’s family implemented Saral Vaastu taking note of the positive impact it can have on health in 2013. In about 6 months, they started to see major relief in the food pipe problems for Karan, for which he was told to go through a surgery. Karan is now leading a healthy life and is hence also able to do well in his education endeavors too.

Mrs. Manjula: Age 50 years, Teacher, Tumkur, Karnataka

Mrs. Manjula has been staying in Tumkur, Karnataka and is working as a School Teacher. A lady who was showing ray of light to thousands of students, had to herself suffer from Cancer since 2009. She had to get operated and her treatment continued with respect to chemotherapy and radiotherapy. She had to not only suffer during her treatment but also on the other side, she had to spend over INR 10 lakhs for the treatment. Her family implemented Saral in April 2016 and in less than 8 months she was able to get relief from her Cancer and her treating Doctor conveyed her that she need not undergo the treatment further as her parameters are normal. Since then, she has been able to lead a healthy life.

Mr. Dhanyakumar: Age 45 years, Officer, BSNL, Gadag, Karnataka

Mr. Dhanyakumar has been staying in Gadag, Karnataka and is working as Engineer with Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd. He was facing a hereditary kidney problem which had lead to failure of both of his kidneys. He was told to undergo a kidney transplant but Doctors had cautioned him with the risks. Also he was told that it will cost about INR 4 – 5 lakhs. He implemented Saral Vaastu in 2016 and then underwent Surgery. Not only was his surgery successful, the transplanted kidney was able to suit his body and now he is leading a healthy life.

Mr. Prakash Chand Nayak, Age: 50 years, Govt. Employee, Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh)

Mr. Prakash has been suffering Diabetes for last 15 years and later also suffered from stomach related issues. He tried all different treatments but could not get any relief or benefit. Alongwith him, his wife also suffered from Hypertension. The house used to face major expenses for taking care of health matters. He implemented Saral Vaastu in 2016. The problem with his house was that his house had washrooms in the Health Place. This was leading to different health problems in his family. After doing the suggested changes, he has been able to see a substantial positive change in health parameters for himself and his wife.

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