About Saral Health

Saral Health is a simple scientific concept designed for good health of people globally. After an extensive study on the subject, Dr. Chandrashekhar Guruji has innovated the unique model of Saral Health based on the principles of the 4 sciences – Direction, Structure, Energy and Chakra. Guruji, founder of Saral Health, has proved that good health can be achieved at our own homes. Our body has the capacity to recover from any health issue or disease within 7 to 180 days without any diet or prescribed medicines.

Arranging our homes in consonance with the techniques of the four sciences release positive vigor and offer a state of equilibrium for good health. Guruji has showcased this through lakhs of beneficiaries who have adopted the revolutionary concept of Saral Health and have got benefited through the four sciences and are now leading a healthy and happy life.

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Our Beneficiaries

Ravi Kumar: 55 years, Hosahudya Village, Bengaluru

I was suffering from Diabetes since many years and the situation was such that the sugar level used to cross 300. I used to be very tensed due to which I also developed kidney stone. I lost interest in life and went into depression. I was constantly in touch with doctors and was following many medications. I consulted a very famous doctor, Dr. Ramana Rao in November 2013. He examined me and advised me medicines and diet. The medications didn’t work at all. I tried everything but still there were no results. I was fed up of everything. Saral Health gave me a rebirth and a reason to live.

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