For an organization, Vastu is very much important. The surrounding of the corporate environment has a huge impact on its Vastu, once the office is made it may not be easy to change. It is always beneficial to seek a Vastu experts’ advice before any commitment is made. A Vastu inspection can be done for both existing and new offices to create positivity and harmony at work.

Here are few Vastu tips in Business district, as per Vastu for Business –

Desk Positioning

As per the study of Vastu the success and prosperity in your business is greatly influenced by the position of your desk in its favorable direction. A common favorable direction of the desk is set back to view as much of the room with a back to a wall. The doorway and window should not line with door and should be quickly accessible from your desk.

The toilet/bathrooms in the office should not be located its wealth area as per Vastu for business, as it might bring a huge loss to the organization.

Experts’ Advice
Let the Vastu expert visit the site and conduct the necessary calculations and analysis of all the partners and employees (Based on Date of Birth).

Mirrors Placements
Mirrors should be used to visually expand a space if the room is smaller than desired. And avoid having mirrors in bathroom or toilets as it will attract the negative energy.

Walls & Furniture
Sharp edges of walls, furniture, etc. in the corporate area can cause health issues, misfortunes and reduce productivity. It is better to avoid them.

Having a source of flowing water like a Fountain or any other decorative like fountain will help you to acquire a positive environment in the workplace.

The arrangement of furniture and room in the workplace should be according to the Owners/CEO’s Date of Birth.

An Organization’s entire fortune depends on the favorable sitting direction. While incorrect directions may bring a clash of elements and can cause havoc with a company’s balance sheet. The favorable direction of the various departments positively contributes to the success of a business. Companies today big or small consult Saral Vaastu Experts to create Prosperity.

Selection of Proper Plot for industry with full availability of basic infrastructure like land, access to unlimited and cheap power source, approach ability through road and rail network, availability of raw materials and human resources are the few important things, always kept in mind by the prospective industrialists who want to establish new viable projects with good profit margins for their growth. Vastu for business helps to enable positivism towards make your business blossom and reach new heights.

Individuals would face multiple problems in their respective business in the form of:

  • Business loss despite of opportunities in the marketplace
  • Land / Assets stuck in legal disputes
  • Labour problems

Vastu for Hotels

Vastu Shastra principles helps in a great deal for hotels and restaurants in ensuring that the hotel will be a place where the visitors or guests would like to visit again and again and it will turn into a blooming business.

  • Reception and restaurant
  • Constructing conference hall
  • The Bed in the Hotel Rooms

Vastu for Corporates

Vastu for business, considers many factors like proper location of the office, office exteriors in terms of its slope, shape etc, direction in which different departments of the office and the reception are located, position of various electronic gadgets and many more.

  • Facing direction while working
  • Reception counter
  • Portion of main door
  • Portion of Meeting room
Vastu for Corporate Office

Vastu for Hospitals

The patients will also be cured very quickly and effectively. Vastu for business includes hospitals and clinics as we have seen more hospitals, so many now facing strict competition, now a days doctors are moving against time, that means they are working nearly 16 to 18 hours at hospitals, but many of them are not getting what they are expecting.

The factors will effects the Hospitals growth :

  • Medical Equipments Room
  • Reception Counter
  • Store room for Medical apparatus
  • ICU / Medical Ward
Vastu for Hospital

Vastu for Educational Institutes

  • Direction of Class room
  • Direction of Toilet blocks
  • Direction of Administration block
  • Direction of Playground
Vastu for Education