Vastu Shastra is a science that has been studied extensively for thousands of years by Ancient Indian Civilizations and is one of the important Vedic Sciences. Origin of Vastu Shastra is motivated by the spirit of welfare of humanity and justification of Life. The meaning of the root word vas is “to dwell, live, stay, reside”

Vastu Shastra is the science of Directions, Cosmic Energy and explains how the Cosmic Energy impacts Human Life. Vastu Shastra teaches man kind how to live in harmony with the Environment.

Every place whether it is a house, a Corporate Office, an Industry or an Institution, it has has got 8 directions, The four main directions and the four corners. There is a significance for each direction, for example the Main Entrance of the Place in a specific direction signifies that the people living or working in the place posses certain abilities in terms of Health, Wealth, Communication (Relationships) etc.


There are total 8 directions, the center of each one separated by 45 degrees or in other words, each direction covers 45 degrees.

In clock-wise the directions are:

1. North – Uttarā – उत्तर
2. North East – Aiśānī – ऐशानी
3. East – Pūrvā – पूर्वा
4. South East – Āgneyī – आग्नेयी
5. South – Dakṣhiṇā – दक्षिणा
6. South West – Nairṛṛtā – नैर्ॠता
7. West – Paścimā – पश्चिमा
8. North West – Vāyavyā – वायव्या

How to Use Compass to find Directions

  • Place the Compass in the middle of your palm so that the compass is not tilted
  • Rotate the Compass till the Red Needle is pointing to North Direction exactly