How Can Vastu For Kitchen Affect Your Health And Wealth?

The kitchen has always been considered as a very important place in the household. In the olden times, big kitchen rooms used to be the norms. There was no hard and fast rule, for the construction of the traditional kitchens in a specific direction.
As per Vastu for Kitchen by Saral Vaastu, any person needs to spend most of the time facing the favorable direction in order to energize the 7 Chakras. Usually, we spend most of the time Sleeping and Working, hence facing favorable direction while working is suggestible. For any homemaker, he/she spends substantial time in the kitchen preparing food for the family. We suggest him/her to face the favorable direction while spending time in the Kitchen preparing the Food.

In What Direction Should Your Kitchen Be Located?

It has emerged only in the last few years, duly propagated and popularized by the Vastu scholars. Now this ‘myth’ has stayed down the ages with many superstitions and beliefs. It is said that if the kitchen is not in the southeast direction, it will surely not bring any harm upon the family. Also, while cooking, the housewife or the cook must face the East direction. It is also believed that the direction of the ‘Stove’ is also important. Now the very important question is who is going to decide the right direction of the ‘gas stove’ or the ‘facing direction of the cook’ while cooking.

As per Saral Vaastu, It is not important for the kitchen to be in the southeast direction. It should not matter if the kitchen is not facing the relevant expected direction. In flats, apartments and condominium are very unlikely to get Vastu for Kitchen.

Small and minor adjustments could be made as per Saral Vaastu recommendations as so to mitigate the effect of the southeast direction being not there, for the kitchen. As per Vastu for Kitchen The person doing the cooking should have his / her date of birth approved favorable direction for cooking, that should be followed.