According to several traditional beliefs, each Vastu has its own energy type. Once a person starts living in a house, he comes under the influence of a specific energy field. And these energies start influencing him in some way or the other. Now, this argument may not have many takers in our times, but still, for those who believe, it is very important to have homes that exude positive energy. Indian Vastu Science has several Vastu tips to ensure that a house remains blessed, without making any structural changes.

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Vastu Tips to bring success in 2017

Welcome the New Year 2017 by applying Vastu tips in your house and office. The positive energy will aid you find peace and success in the New Year.

Vastu Tips for Kitchen

Vastu tips for Kitchen

It is important to heed to the Vastu tips for kitchen for two reasons. First it is the place where food is prepared and second,

Vastu Tips for Marriage

Vastu Tips for Marriage

Marriage is an important occasion in everyone’s life. However the process of choosing a partner becomes headache for many.


Vastu tips for Pooja Room

A pooja room or pooja ghar is an important and sacred corner in any home or office. It is the place of meditation and of tranquility.


Vastu Tips for Home

Vastu is the science of tapping in the positive energies of a structure and surrounding to improve the overall well being of humans.

vastu tips for relationship

Vastu tips for Relationship

Every person on this planet needs some luck when it comes to managing romance, marriage and relationships – Vastu is that luck.

Vastu Tips for Wealth

Vastu Tips for Wealth

Vastu for wealth should not be limited to just appeasing the God, it transcends all religions and boundaries as it is the aim and ambition .

vastu tips for business

Vastu tips for Business

Success in business in not just the motive of the owner, management and stake holders but also of the employees and others associated with it.

vastu Tips for bedroom

Vastu tips for Bedroom

Vastu in a home is important to lead a stress free life. For harmony and peace in a relationship Vastu tips for bedroom must be definitely followed.

Vastu Tips for Office

When it comes to the construction of offices, a lot of people follow the principle of Vastu shastra. Vastu for office is the science of constructing the office.


Vastu Tips for Health

Vastu for health deals with that aspect of cosmic science, which targets the positive energies in a dwelling to improve not just the physical Health.

Vastu Tips for Toilet and Bathroom

Vastu for toilets should be followed in a dwelling as toilets invites negativity. Likewise, Vastu for bathroom also removes the negative energy in a house.


Vastu Tips for Education

Vastu is a science of direction and it is important for students to apply vastu tips for education trying to excel in studies and other extracurricular activities.

Vastu Tips for Main Door of a House

As per Vastu, main entrance and main door of a house or any property plays an important role in the well being of the people living or working in that place.