According to several traditional beliefs, each Vastu has its own energy type. Once a person starts living in a house, he comes under the influence of a specific energy field. And these energies start influencing him in some way or the other. Now, this argument may not have many takers in our times, but still, for those who believe, it is very important to have homes that exude positive energy. Indian Vastu Science has several Vastu tips to ensure that a house remains blessed, without making any structural changes.

The right Vastu tips, solutions, and suggestions can help you achieve unsurpassed success in life. You just need the right Vastu expert like Saral Vaastu by your side.

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Useful Vastu Tips for Gudi Padwa

Useful Vastu Tips for Gudi Padwa

Chaitra Shukla Pratipada (Gudi Padwa) is celebrated as Ugadi, Yugadi, Navreh, and Cheti Chand in other states of India. It marks the beginning of the lunisolar Hindu calendar.


5 Ways to Improve Your Self Confidence

You are not born with an integral ability of self-confidence. You must work hard to attain and maintain that self-confidence. Everyone dreams of having that charming and magnetic personality that attracts appreciations.


Best Vastu Tips to Achieve Success in Life

Valuable Vastu tips acquire a hurdle free path towards success! The basic rules of Vastu are based on calculations, patterns and directions. Thus, the principles of Vastu Shastra states the layout of different rooms, the directions.


How to Overcome Anger Issues In Children?

To manage anger issues in children is difficult. By altering the child’s room as per Vastu makes the job easier for parents to manage their children’s issues. Parents need to accept this feeling in a child

Vastu Tips for Kitchen

Vastu Tips for Kitchen

It is important to heed to the Vastu tips for kitchen for two reasons. First it is the place where food is prepared and second,