Do you wish to enhance the positivity and purity of your pooja room and looking for a convenient way to adopt Vastu principles? Saral Vaastu is an easy-to-adopt, redefined version of ancient Vastu principles and wisdom.

Pooja room is a place, which means a lot to most of us, as it is where we offer our prayers, meditate and perform pujas. We seek peace and tranquility, while connecting with divinity in the pooja room. It is therefore important for us to create harmonious, peaceful, pure and positive environment in the pooja room.

A easy-to-adopt, redefined version of ancient Vastu principles and wisdom, known as Saral Vaastu, has been shown by Dr. Shri. Chandrashekhar Guruji, a humanitarian and philantropist. Saral Vaastu is based on Guruji’s unique and simple path of Saral Energy, that enhances positivity in our lives by harnessing the infinite power of cosmic energy. It lets you instantly and forever stay tuned into cosmic energy, by connecting with through directions, balancing through structure and channelizing through chakras.

Following are some simple and easy-to-implement ways suggested by Saral Vastu to enhance positivity and purity of Pooja room:-

  • Begin with Decluttering: Clean and de-clutter not only pooja room, but also each and every corner of your home for attracing positivity and maintaining sanctity.
  • Maintain Hygienic Conditions: Remove footwear outside the pooja room and if possible, keep it a shoe eack outside your home. It brings negativity from dust, dirt, mud and germs from outside. It is also recommended to cleanse yourself with water after coming from outside, before entering pooja room.
  • Remove Negativity: We recommend ringing of bell, while offering prayers, as the sound waves and resonance removes all negative vibes from your home and surroundings. Clapping of hands or playing some sound track can also be done.
  • Floral Tribute: You can enhance positivity of your puja room, by offering more and more flowers or pushpanjali, while offering prayers. Alongwith abundant supply of fresh flowers, you can use Tulsi leaves, Bel Leaves, Dhubba, Marigold flowers or red hibiscus flowers.
  • Lighting Lamps: Positive and supportive energy could be generated by lighting earthen lamps, camphor, incense sticks etc.

By following the above ways, you will be able to experience a positive difference in the atmosphere of your home and pooja room. Take a step further and adopt Saral Vaastu in your life, experience positivity in 7 to 180 days. Adopt once, benefit for lifetime.

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