Vastu for Relationship provided by Saral Vaastu is an Unique and Scientific Vastu Solution invented after years of research by Dr.Sri Chandrashekhar Guruji. Relations in among Family Members, Office colleagues or Business Partners are impacted the by the flow of energy surrounding their Home, Office and Business, primarily the area and living and work.

A very important part in our traditional family structure, relationships however varied in nature right from husband and wife, siblings, uncles and aunts, close friends, neighbors play a very important part in our everyday life. Relationship between husband and wife is considered sacred in our culture but in today’s world we see lots of cases pertaining to relationships breakdown and children issues leading to divorce and separation. That has caused a lot of social disorganization and unrest in the society.

Significance of Vastu for Relationship Problems

Every house and workplace has a ‘Relationship Place’. Sometimes the Relationship place may not in the house or the workplace. Even if the Relationship place is there in the house, then it may be blocked due the location of the bathroom, toilet and utility rooms. Automatically the Relationship issues start turning sour among the members in the family.

Every house and work place has a Relationship place. If the Relationship place is affected by the toilet or Bathroom and utilities automatically, there would be problems in Relationship, as explained.

If the Kitchen is in unfavourable direction, then it also affects the Relationship among family members.

If any aggressive image of Goddess or God are hung or kept in the living room or the bedroom, then it manifests in unexplained quarrels and aggressive behavior among the members of a family.

When the family members inadvertently follow the unfavourable direction, the 7 Chakras will be affected, leading to problems in relationship, lack of understandings, Lack of emotional quotient, aggressiveness, etc.

There may be frequent quarrels on petty issues between the husband and the wife that may lead to severe consequences like divorce, separation or general breakdown of relationship.

Frequent Difference of opinion between the parents and children, will disturb the peace and tranquility of the family.

Unexpected quarrels with neighbors, acquaintances and between siblings will have an impact on the wellbeing of the family, lowering their prestige in the society.

Even in the workplace there could be trouble in maintaining the interpersonal relationship.

Saral Vaastu Help in the Case of Strained or Broken Relationships

Without any breakages or alterations, Saral Vaastu gives solution for the affected relationship place in the house or work place.

Saral Vaastu suggests, ‘best relationship direction’ and ‘best sleeping direction’ to improve the emotional quotient between the family members. The ‘relationship quotient also increases in the family thereby activating the seven Chakras.

Saral Vaastu suggests hanging of positive images on the walls, to signify the growth of positive relationship vibes in the family.