How Vastu will have an impact on your bedrooms?

Bedrooms are of significant concern as per Vastu. It illustrates a remarkable part in the positioning and planning of the bedroom. The atmosphere of your bedroom is supposed to be soothing and relaxing in order to sleep well. Relying on correct Vastu for bedroom is important to maintain peace and harmony in that place, as you retire from your worries and sleep without any tension.

Sleeping is the craft of outright unwinding of body and psyche. It’s a time when “the cognizance of the world is suspended” and sets you into a course of an incomprehensible trip into the road of calmness and stability. This procedure begins with a room. The bedroom is the home to aggregate peace and protection.

Vastu for bedrooms guarantees sound sleep which is imperative to lead an anxiety-free living. Vastu considers several variables while building and outlining rooms. There are several guidelines in the science and methodology of Vastu to create healthy vibes in your bedroom and create positivity around you.

Three notable elements in your bedroom that should always be taken care of:

  • Wall colours of your bedroom
  • Placement of your bed
  • Direction of your Furniture and electronic devices

Few quick and simple Vastu tips for your bedroom:

  • Your bedroom should be built to experience peace and amicability.
  • Bedroom should not have any pictures / idols of Gods and Goddesses, being depicted in ‘terrifying aggressive poses’.
  • Avoid placing the Pooja Ghar (Worship Place).
  • Square and rectangle shaped beds are regarded as an ideal place for achieving peace and concordance.
  • Vastu advices sleeping with your head positioned towards your most favourable direction.
  • Light and soothing colours on your bedroom walls.
  • Do not place mirror in-front of your bed. It’s considered inauspicious.
  • Abstain from having an aquarium or plants inside bedroom.
  • Acquaint your bedroom with delicate and soothing lights.
  • The corner of your bedroom must not have windows or entrance; this will introduce a positive energy and will discharge all the negativity in the house.

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