Dr. Shri. Chandrashekhar Guruji

Founder, Guide, Mentor for lakhs of people

“Manava Abhivruddhi is vital for overall human development.” – Dr. Shri. Chandrashekhar Guruji

Guruji is a civil engineer by profession and a humanitarian, philanthropist and visionary. He is committed to the vision of creating a happy and helping society through Manava Abhivruddhi Abhiyaan since last 2 decades. Guruji has enlightened millions of followers by revealing the secret of leading a happy and blissful life. He has shown a unique and simple path of harnessing the infinite power of cosmic energy or the universal life force and ‘Get whatever we want’ in our life. His life teachings are simple, profound and created a positive impact in the life of his followers.

Early Life

He was born in Bagalkot district of Karnataka to Late Shri. Virupakshappa & Smt. Neelama Angadi. Since childhood, he was always motivated and wanted to do something for the nation and make his life worth. At the age of 16, Guruji wanted to join the Indian army and dedicate his life for the nation. He could not get selected as he did not meet the required criteria. He was destined for a greater cause impacting the entire humanity.

After completing his Bachelor of Civil Engineering, he came to Mumbai in the year 1989. He worked for a few years with a construction company, and then went on to start his own business.

Enlightenment and Birth of Saral Energy

Dr. Shri. Chandrashekhar Guruji has always been intrigued by the challenges faced by people since his childhood. He once visited Tata Memorial Hospital in Mumbai and was disturbed to see the children, who were suffering from cancer. He thought that if these children had to suffer so much pain, then why they were brought into this world. At the same time, he faced financial loss in his business, despite running it in an ethical manner. He was wondering why he got cheated, when he did not cheat anybody in his life. During this period he started getting repeated dreams of a compass and a dwelling plan. He wondered why he was getting this dream repeatedly. A divine awakening struck him in the year 2000 that gave him the answer that the root cause of the life challenges is due to the imbalance and impurity of cosmic energy within us and our surroundings. We should not blame anything else for it.

With this enlightenment, Guruji began to study in depth the problems faced by people across their life stages like education, career, marriage, business, wealth and health. He visited and surveyed multiple places to understand how our ancestors were using different techniques like Yoga, Reiki, and Meditation for tuning into the cosmic energy and leading a blissful life.

The question that intrigued him was despite knowing all these techniques, why challenges in one’s life are increasing day by day. In today’s fast paced life of 21st century, we are plagued with multiple challenges like growing pollution, climate change and social & lifestyle changes. We are not able to live in harmony with nature unlike our ancestors. We are causing ecological imbalance by focusing on construction of structures, exhausting non-renewable natural resources, dumping of plastic and other waste materials in the environment, amongst others.

In such a situation, Guruji has shown a unique and simple path, which help us instantly tune into the cosmic energy and stay connected with it forever. Until today, this path has not been revealed, since the beginning of the universe. He has named this unique path as Saral Energy. ‘Saral’ means ‘Simple’.

Saral Energy enables us to connect, balance and channelize the cosmic energy through Directions, Structure and Chakras. Guruji has been guiding people on this unique path, through Manava Abhivruddhi Abhiyaan. It has helped individuals overcome their life problems related to Education, Career, Marriage, Relationships, Business, Wealth and Health. Over 18 lakh lives have experienced Saral Energy and got transformed in the last 2 decades. By adopting Saral Energy you can ‘get whatever you want’ within 7 to 180 days.

Saral Sutras – A detox for your soul

Guruji has been propagating simple to adopt Saral Sutras for cleansing our soul and start our journey towards higher levels of consciousness.

  1. Don’t cheat anybody in your life – Be Truthful
  2. Be humble even though you reach an elevated position – Be Respectful
  3. Keep your parents always happy – Be Grateful
  4. Do help the needy people – Be Helpful
  5. Be happy, to make others happy – Be Blissful