vastu tips for relationship

Every person on this planet needs some luck when it comes to managing romance, marriage and relationships – Vastu is that luck. It is a sacred science that enhances the energies present around each one of us in small amounts and synching it with the energy and vibrations within us. When both these energies are in synch a person develops an attractive personality and finds peace and calm within. Vastu tips for relationship works on this principle and help a couple develop a long term bond to lead their life with love and harmony. These Vastu tips must be implemented mainly in the bed room, but there are also certain regions of a dwelling meant for relationships (which may have been lost due to faulty construction) which can be made Vastu perfect. Saral Vaastu’s Vastu for relationship have remedies for every dosh.

Below are some Vastu tips for relationship: –

  • Do you know what are the best paintings or photos to be hung in a bedroom? For better relationship use couple photos (for e.g. Radha Krishna, or wife and husband, love birds, etc) in the bedroom. These photos must also be hung at the specific relation direction. These images instill a sense of peace, love and romance in couples.
  • Where is the relationship place of your house, and is it properly constructed? Relationship place has to marked before the construction of a house and depends on the date of birth of the owner or breadwinner. Washing clothes and utensils in the relationship at home will affect on your relationship. Find out the relationship place and make Vastu corrections to enjoy healthy relations.
  • What should be the wall paintings in your home? Using light colors paintings in your home will helps you to be with peace and improve the relation with your spouse. Avoid dark and aggressive colors.
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