Vastu Tips for Marriage

Marriage is an important occasion in everyone’s life. However, the process of choosing a partner becomes a challenge for many. Some even face issues of delayed marriage. In case of delayed marriages, the person and the family face social pressure and depression, which can lead to conflicts within the family.

Following are Few Saral Vastu Tips for Marriage

  • How can lighting Diya and Agarbathis in home help you find a good alliance? Diya and Agarbathis enhance the positive energy in the atmosphere. When there is positivity around, you will be able to develop a positive outlook attracting the right kind of people towards you.

  • Did you know that facing prospective bride or groom in a specific direction is helpful? As per Vastu, the bride/groom should sit facing any of the four favourable direction basis your date of birth, as per Saral Vaastu algorithm. Favourable directions increase the confidence levels of a person. 
  • Sitting in favourable direction while fixing your matches will solve your issues of delayed marriage.

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