Hi, this is Vivek Jain, I am from New Bombay. We have been staying here since last 7 years. I own a business of plywoods and wooden interior design. It is a family business and we are running it from past 20 years. But, from the past ten years we were facing a lot of problems as we have borrowed loans and had bad debts and many serious family issues. As the loans remained unpaid and the family issues were were getting very serious.

A Vastu consultants visited us from Saral Vaastu around 4 to 6 months before. He suggested us some remedies for vastu for business and vastu for business growth. So after implementing the remedies suggested by the vastu expert, we have seen a lot of changes in our business, life and family. Before implementing these remedies we were in deep tension about the business which also created some issues in the family. But, now we feel the changes and the positivity. Today, cleared all our debts and loans.

It has been a good sign for our family and the family business after implementing Saral Vaastu. Saral Vaastu doesn’t means you have to reconstruct or rebuild your house or workplace. It is soo simple like, you have to explain your problems to the vastu expert and he will suggest you the remedies without and breakages in your house or office. It is done in a scientific and in a natural way to transform your life.

Being from a jain family, we do follow our Guruji, but, after meeting Chandrashekar Guruji, we realized he also does the same thing that is to spread positivity in each and every family. We can’t exactly say that he is a god, but he is in the same place of God for us. And for all people who have been satisfied with him and his treatment so we keep Chandrashekar Guruji in the same place of our god.

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