Vastu for Marriage & Relationship

Saral Vaastu concepts were formulated after years of research by Dr. Shri. Chandrashekhar Guruji. Your relationship with your family members, office colleagues or business partners is impacted by the imbalanced flow of cosmic energy in your home, office, and business establishments.

Relationships play a very important role in our everyday life. Amongst different form of relationships, the marital relationship is considered to be highly sacred and pious in our culture. The marital relationship or the institution of marriage, not only creates a bond between the bride and the groom, but also their families.

Marriage is an important phase in everybody’s life. In the traditional family structure, it is imperative for everyone to go through the ‘Grahastra Ashrama’ or experience a conjugal life. But nowadays, we witnesses numerous cases of separation and divorce. This has caused a lot of social turmoil in the society.

Saral Vaastu offers easy-to-implement solutions to overcome factors that cause delay in marriage or marital discord. It show a simple and unique way to leverage ancient Vastu principles by harnessing the infinite power of cosmic energy of the universe.

‘Relationship Zones’ – ‘Sambandhsthan’ & ‘Vivahsthan’

Every house has a relationship zones, referred as ‘Sambandsthana’ and ‘Vivavsthana’ impacting relationships and marriage respectively. These specific zones should be clutter-free and not in proximity to toilets or bathrooms or utility rooms that are potential sources of negativity. If these places have clutter or are in close proximity to elements that generate negativity like toilets or bathrooms, then marriage may be get delayed or one may face relationship issues.

Importance of Directions

When the bride or groom is unable to find a suitable life partner, the reason may be adoption of inappropriate directions for activities like sleeping and meeting prospective matches for marriage.
If bedroom or sleeping direction of the alliance seeker is in an inappropriate direction, then it may create hurdles in process of finding their suitable life partner.
One might have observed, many a time prospective grooms and their families, who pay a visit to the bride’s place for finalizing the alliance, but at the last moment some unforeseen problems arise.

How does Saral Vaastu help resolve marriage-related issues?

Saral Vaastu is the art and science of adopting Vastu principles in an easy and scientific manner, by tapping the power of cosmic energy and living in harmony with nature. It is based on Saral Energy, a unique and simple path shown by Dr. Shri Chandrashekhar Guruji to harness the infinite power of cosmic energy in the universe. Saral Energy helps the alliance seekers or married couples facing relationships to balance the flow of cosmic energy within and around them. The simple path enables them to connect with the cosmic energy through directions, balance it through structure and channelize it through chakras. It takes into account the date of birth of the individual under question for determining the right directions for connecting with the cosmic energy. With no structural changes and by merely relocating objects, furniture’s and fixtures, energy blocks and imbalances are fixed at specific zones that impact relationships and marriage.

Saral Vaastu’s solution for marriage, suggests the best direction for the bride and groom to sit and enhance the flow of cosmic energy within and around them. In this way they are able to attract their suitable life partners, leading to marriage solemnization.