Parneel Panesar: We have been staying in house for the last 19 years. Initially we did not have any problems but since 2000, we faced many financial issues. Then I saw an advertisement of Saral Vaastu in Mumbai Mirror. I called them and their expert visited my home. He pointed out the exact problems I was facing. He told me that I was having unnecessary financial problems; I was not able to save my earnings, and people cheat me of my money and I am not able to build any wealth. He also pointed out that since my main door was in the wrong direction I might have faced some legal issues. In my case it was divorce. They suggested some simple and inexpensive remedies that did not involve any breakages. After a week of implementing Saral Vaastu I got a call from my production house regarding my payment. For two years they did not pay me and I had lost all hope of getting my money. It was miraculous.

From then on, even though I did not work too much, the money kept coming. I also received an ancestral property this year which takes care of my financial stability which had evaded me all these years. I would like to thank Guru Chandrashekharji from the bottom of my heart and my whole family is extremely grateful to him. Thank You!

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