vastu for house

Know The Favorable Direction Of Your Main Entrance Door As Per Vastu And Correct Any Vastu Defects

Vastu for door not only helps you decorate your door appropriately and impress your guests or clients it also but also (without your realization) ushers in health, wealth, and prosperity. As per Vastu shastra the main entrance door of any dwelling is not just for the humans to come and go, it is also a welcome sign for the deities and positive energies to enter and reside in the place.

Book Vastu Expert visit today & experience the positive results within 7-180 days.

Why to choose Saral Vaastu?

Simple to implement without structural changes
Personalized solution based on date of birth for all family Members
Relevant Solution for Owned / Rented House
Simple & unique scientific solution based on “Saral Four Sciences”

What our Beneficiaries say about us:

Shri. A.B Karweer

Due to Saral Vaastu my life became very happy, content and eventful. The credit for my success in all spheres, solely goes to Saral Vaastu and Dr. Shri Chandrashekhar Guruji.

Shri. Balakrishnan

I would like to express my immense thankfulness to him and would advice everyone to go get Saral Vaastu implementation done at their House and workplaces.

Mrs. Rekha Girkar

What I feel is that Saral Vaastu is such a kind of invention that everybody should experience and inculcate in one’s life and house, as a must have.