Importance of Vastu for Educational Institutes

The Architecture (Vastu) of an Educational Institute plays an important role in the success of the educational institute, including students and the teachers. Most of the successful educational institutes are also great Architectural Masterpieces, with proper Vastu compliance.

As per Saral Vaastu the Vastu for Educational Institute needs to be aligned with the Vastu directions of the head of the Institute. In case the institute’s Vastu is not compliant with that on its head, certain remedies can be placed to handle the Vastu compliance issues.

Terms & Conditions

For Students

At Educational Institutes such as a School, College or a Coaching Institute, Students spend most of their time listening to the teachers, practicing through their course work. It is very important for students to sit in a right direction so that their Ajna Chakra are rightly energized and enables the student to listen and understand the concepts with concentration.

All the study tables shall be neat and tidy. They shall not be cluttered with too many books or objects loaded on it.

For Class Room

For running a successful Educational Institute, the classrooms shall be taken with utmost importance as this is the place where most of the time is spend by the students. The Class Room shall be clean, Bright, free from any bad odor, very much open with proper light and Air. The surrounding of the Classroom shall be taken care of, so that the students can avoid noisy crowd in the surrounding of the classroom or institution. The Class Room shall not be under a Beam or a Bath Room. Pictures of Inspiring people or symbols that inspire and motivate the students shall be placed at right positions in the classroom. The Symbols and pictures includes Running Horses, Rising Sun, Pictures of Goddess Saraswathi, pictures or trophies pointing to the Past Achievements of Students.

The Class Rooms shall be painted with Bright Colors. Any obstacles for concentration like pillars, sharp pointed edges of furniture, open shelves shall be avoided. The Study Tables shall not be placed against the Walls. Know More