How Vastu will have an impact on your career?

A step towards a career is one of the most crucial steps of an individual’s life. Eventually, but inevitably we all start with our career at some point in our lives and when we do it, we would like to receive positive results.

Every house and workplace has a career place. The career place is known as ‘Jeevan Vrutthi Sthan’ & ‘Naam Keerthi Sthan’. It is affected by the positive and negative vibes in your surroundings.

When your career place is surrounded with negative vibes, it will create barriers in your career life. Therefore, your career place should always have a positive surrounding. If the main door of your house or workplace is in an unfavourable direction, it will affect your career growth in a substantial manner.

You may fail in finding a good job or face challenges at your current job like, no salary hikes, no promotions, and conflicts with managers and team members.

Some may start with a seemingly solid career, but due to various reasons, they may suffer career burnouts.

This may demotivate the hard-working individual and affect its productivity. Due to this reason, there would be a loss of Job and loss of good reputation at a workplace or an employee can be shown the ‘pink slip’.

There are many parameters that Vastu governs.

Few Vastu tips to help you in your career are:

  • Avoid sitting under the beam.
  • Keep your workplace and workstation clutter-free.
  • Avoid darkness in your working area.
  • Try to keep the centre of the workplace open and clean.
  • Keep your workplace dirt-free.
  • Never sit with your back towards the entrance door.
  • Avoid the usage of irregular shaped furniture.
  • Keep sharp-edged furniture out of sight.
  • Keep plants inside your office.
  • Avoid having windows and doors near your seating arrangement.

How Saral Vaastu help you in your career growth?

“Vastu for career” is one of important concept of Saral Vaastu. Their experts suggest, ‘best career directions’ that gives the positive outcome of getting employed. Saral Vaastu offers helpful and easy remedies to channelize the positive energy around you.

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