I have encountered a lot of problems in my life, both professional and personal. Being a professional, I leave home for work very energetically but by the end of the day when I come back home, I was never happy. I always felt that something was missing in my life. There was no happiness. I was losing wealth, and my family was facing health issues. We tried to find the solution within our family. One day, my wife got in touch with CG Parivar, Vastu consultants. She told me to implement Vastu in our house, but being an IT professional, I did not believe in it but I let her do what she wanted to do. As my wife was following Vastu, I too thought of trying Vastu. The first day I followed Vastu I got appreciated in my workplace by my superiors. The only thing I did was I moved my table so that I could face my favorable direction while working. The result was immediate. Gradually I also saw a lot of improvement in my house.

My career, health and wealth were improving. But the most important thing was that slowly and steadily I started experiencing peace of mind. For example, I never had a good relationship with my mother, Mrs. Radha Raman Iyer. But today my relationship with my mother has improved so much and we have a harmonious relationship. The benefits I got from Vastu are peace, harmony, health and wealth and I would like to share the same with you by advising you to follow SaralVaastu. I would like to thank Chandrashekhar Guruji for showing us a path of progress, and bringing peace in our family.

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