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Saral Vaastu – Scientific Vastu Solution Based on Date of Birth

Saral Vaastu is a Predication oriented unique and Scientific Vaastu Solution that works based on the house, Family Head’s Date of Birth and Gender. The head of the family posses four favorable directions and four unfavorable directions. Certain Elements in the house for example Main Door shall be in one of the the favorable directions.

Prediction of the issues that the family is facing will be done based on the Head of the family, Family members details and how these details are matching with different elements in the house. Any non-compliance leads to certain problems to the head of the family or to the family members or to the whole family.

Saral Vaastu experts draw your house plan, predict the issues and check with the family for their agreement. When the family agrees with the prediction our experts provide full vaastu consultation by providing Remedy solutions to the issues.

This is what our satisfied beneficeries have to say about us

Mr. Y. R. Pawar

(School Principal, Thane)

“I believe that Chandrashekhar Guruji has guided me during my distress times. I hope that everyone in this planet be fortunate enough to get a guru like Chandrashekhar Guruji. On behalf of my family, the teachers, staff and students at Merry Angel’s International Boarding school and myself, I thank Chandrashekhar Guruji.”

Mr. Jagdish Kalyandurgamath

(Businessman, Navi Mumbai)

“We followed Chandrashekharji’s principles and saw that it is beneficial in every field: education, business and profession. Relationship between my family members has definitely improved. I would also like to add that it is very simple to follow.”

Mr. H. V. Bennur

(Engineer, Gujarat)

“I really appreciate his efforts to make everyone’s life better and progressive. Lakhss of people have benefited from it not only in India but abroad also. We are also one of the beneficiaries of Chandrashekhar Guruji’s Saral Vaastu and behalf of my whole family I thank him and wish him all the best.”