Do you know what made our ancestors enjoy better health and happiness? The reason lied in the way their houses were constructed in consonance with nature and its energy fields. Saral Vaastu offers you the essence of this ancient knowledge in a simplified form. Our unique scientific solutions, based on ancient wisdom is an outcome of last 2 decades of research conducted by our founder Dr. Shri. Chandrashekhar Guruji and invention of his Saral Four Sciences (S4S) of Direction, Structure, Energy and Chakras.
By adopting S4S in your house or workplace (Owned or Rented) you can connect, balance, enhance and channelize the natural energy and seek happiness and prosperity in your lives.
Guruji has been serving institutionally to the people of Belagavi, and has enabled many to lead a happy and prosperous life.
Belgavi is situated in the north western part of Karnataka and close to the border of Maharashtra and Goa. Some famous historical monuments include Belgaum Fort that is an ancient pre-Muslim structure, where mosques and temples are placed in perfect harmony. There are three other famous monumental structures that include Kittur Chennamma Fort, Parasgad Fort and Parasgad Fort
Saral Vastu consultation offered include

  • Saral Vastu Compliance for current homes (owned or rented)
  • Saral Vastu compliant house selection (Buy or Rent)
  • Saral Vastu compliant house plan

Saral Vaastu is personalized and based on an individual’s date of birth. It is simple to implement and does not need any structural changes or breakages. You can experience positivity within 7 to 180 days and shall lead a happy and prosperous life.
Your happiness lies within you and you need not search for it outside!