Vastu has many different aspects that work towards the beautification of home with the help of paintings, idols, and other decorative pieces. However, the important aspect of Vastu for home is focused on the main door. Vastu has one basic concept that it believes that all the living or non-living thing has a soul that reacts to the cosmic energies and magnetic forces on the earth.

Nowadays, many people believe in Vastu and construct their houses based on vastu guidelines. Following basic Vastu guidelines, people lead a peaceful life with proper flow of the cosmic energy that keeps their home enriched with positivity.

Best Vastu tips by Saral Vastu

There has to be the right kind of energy in your house for it to become a HOME. It is believed that each home comes with its own energies, and people living under it come under the influence of these energies. Therefore, it is important to understand the connection between the healing art of vastu and the positive vibes inside our homes.

  • The main door is the most important aspect of all hence its direction, placement and surrounding should be well taken care of
  • The placement of the kitchen, brings in health and wealth
  • Interiors of a bedroom affect a lot on the health, career and personal life
  • The placement of pooja room has a huge effect on prosperity and peace in the house
  • Placements of the mirror at certain spots in the house is directly connected to the health and happiness of the family
  • The placement of furniture in the house effects the balance of the energy in the house
  • Colours make a specific impact

Vastu is not just required during the construction or directional aspect but interiors are equally important. If your house is constructed according to the Vastu guidelines and interiors are not it may create an energy imbalance and then the family will have to bare its negative effects.

Now we have understood the importance of Vastu and its effect on our homes. It is necessary to consult a Vastu expert and follow the powerful and effective methods to stay in a harmonious environment.

If you are still searching for a perfect consultation then do come to Saral Vastu expert. They are all ready with their Vastu guidelines to make your life happy and peaceful. They give you perfect remedies.

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