vastu shastra tips for diwaliDiwali is the perfect time of the year to worship the gods and goddesses, appease the different planets, and to make good Vastu choices. It is a dazzling festival celebrated all across the country with bright lights, new clothes, delicious sweets, and most importantly smiling faces. It is the time of the year to harness all the positive energies around us and use it to our benefit. Since this is the last week before Diwali most people might have started to clean their houses. But this year clean your house and arrange/rearrange the furniture by following some Vastu Shastra tips for Diwali.

Vastu shastra is the science of tapping positive energy from the surroundings and using it to our benefit. Diwali being the festival of joy and lights complies with many Vastu shastra principles. For example the lighting of oil lamps is a tradition in Diwali, but its placement and direction falls under Vastu shastra. Before decorating the house it is essential to learn a few Vastu Shastra tips for Diwali.

The main day of Diwali is characterized by Lakshmi Puja, the invoking of the goddess of wealth. Goddess Lakshmi, when appeased blesses the household with wealth, fortune and prosperity. Hence it is important to conduct the puja with perfection. Decorating the puja room as per Vastu shastra appeases the goddess and She blesses the devotees with wealth and prosperity. However there are many principles in Vastu which varies from person to person as well as the location and direction of the house. It is important to contact Vastu consultant for homes and make necessary changes in the house. Given here are some of the easy Vastu tips to try this Diwali:

The Surroundings:

1. Open spaces allow free flow of energy. The area outside your home must be made clutter free for a balanced flow of energy.
2. No corner of the house must be kept in darkness. Light up each corner of the house and surrounding areas.
3. The area facing the main entrance door or gate must be clean. The goddess of wealth enters the house and surroundings that are clean.

The Main Door or Entrance:

1. The main door or gate should be cleaned (or even painted). It should not make any creaky noises.
2. Toran/Bandarwal should be hung on the main door. An Asthamangala sign can also be placed here. Silver swastika can be installed at the main door to ward off evil energies.
3. Stamp small footprints outside the house. The footprints should be towards the house. These footprints the entry of Goddess Lakshmi in the house

Within The House:

1. Flower petals should be placed on a tray of water. Apart from its decorative purpose it brings prosperity to the house owner.
2. Symbols like OM, Swastika etc. must be placed at certain walls of the house.
3. Bring prosperity to the whole family by placing earthen lamps around (or in the centre) of a rangoli.

Vastu Gifts

Diwali is a time to give gifts to family members and buy something new for the house. This Diwali opt for Vastu gifts.
1. Vastu paintings can be given to people and these should be hung at specific directions in the house.
2. Do not give leather products and antiques to your loved ones.
3. Yantras are the best gift for your house.

Diwali Day

1. Place two oil lamps on both sides of the main door.
2. Diyas outside the home should be in multiples of four.
3. Place pure water of Gangajal in a tray or utensil at the centre of the house. The tray can be filled with flower petals with a floating candle at the centre. This brings positivity in the house.

Vastu consultant for homes will help you identify the best direction to perform pujas and place Vastu items. They will also suggest you on the placement of the furniture and paintings. Wish you a Vastu-friendly Diwali!

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