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Use your lucky directions daily and for all important events in your life whether key meetings, interviews, sales pitches, meeting prospect for marriage, signing important documents.

Attract positive and happiness in all spheres of your life.

About Saral Vaastu

Life problems

The concept of Saral Vaastu is governed by an individual’s house and workplace (owned / rented), directions of the house and workplace and the flow of energy.

Vastu for House


If the health place in the house is situated in unfavourable direction or has a washroom / toilet on it then it creates disturbance in health of the individual and respective family members.

Vastu Plans


Vastu Shastra is a science of direction that combines the five elements of nature and cosmic energy. Saral Vaastu is a proven scientific solution, which is based on a unique algorithm.

Vastu Tips


Vastu Tips for Home are simple and easy to implement saral vaastu tips when applied brings happiness to the family. Eg : There shall be no obstacles in front of the Main Door..etc