Bring Love In Your Relationship With These 38 Vastu Tips

In our life, relationship holds a special place. This is a feeling of compassion that involves love, affection and bonding. Two people come together to share their life and nurture a relationship with care, support, adjustment, understanding, sacrifices etc.

Depression & Marriage : How to get rid of depression?

Are you living with a partner or spouse who is depressed? When one or both partners in a marriage or relationship are depressed the marriage or relationship is also on the same side. Depression is an illness that takes away the emotional and physical intimacy in a relationship and strains it by bringing in anger, resentment, isolation and pessimism.

Lack of Responsibility in Relationships or Marriages

We all have read and heard from our older generations that being in a relationship with someone or marrying someone is a huge responsibility to take considering the fact that every human has a different idea of living life.

Vastu for Relationship