How Your Main Door Direction Affects Your Fortune?

House is a place where dreams cultivate. For any individual, a home is a place where he or she finds their soul and safe place. In today’s life, where life is full of problems, we seek peace in our homes.

A Rightly Placed Entrance Door Has a Lasting Impression

Vastu Shastra believes that the main door is not just for humans to enter but it is also the welcoming gate for deities and positivity in the house. Vastu for entrance An entrance or the main gate has a very important role in the Vastu of a house. This is the place from where the […]

Vastu and Its Tremendous Effect on Your Life

Vastu has many different aspects that work towards the beautification of home with the help of paintings, idols, and other decorative pieces. However, the important aspect of Vastu for home is focused on the main door. Vastu has one basic concept that it believes that all the living or non-living thing has a soul that […]