The kitchen has always been considered as a very important place in the household. In the olden times of our ancestors, big kitchen rooms used to be the norms. If we compare the houses built now with those of the houses built by our ancestors, we find that the kitchen was not built or constructed in the south-east direction by our forefathers and ancestors. There was no hard and fast rule, for the construction of the traditional kitchens in the south-east direction. This is a very recent trend and phenomenon. It has emerged only in the last 30-40 years, duly propagated and popularized by the Vaastu Pundits and scholars. Now this ‘myth’ has stayed down the ages with many superstitions and beliefs.

What I can say with surety is that if the kitchen is not in the south-east direction, it will surely not bring any harm upon the family. We are also aware that while cooking, the housewife or the cook must face the East direction. It is also believed that the direction of the ‘Stove’ is also important, be it a gas stove, firewood stove, coal stove or magnetic induction stove etc. Now the very important question is who is going to decide the right direction of the ‘gas stove’ or the ‘facing direction of the cook’, while cooking.

One single look at the direction of the gas stove in the kitchen, I can tell if those in the house are suffering from various health problems or not. We have tested this practically too. It is not important for the kitchen to be in the south-east direction. My advise is that, one should not be too bothered ab- out it. Further to give you the example of my own ancestral home in Bagalkot, which has got a total of 24 rooms and the kitchen, is not in the south-east direction. It is this very house that my forefathers and ancestors lived and prospered having led a healthy, wealthy and prosperous life, throughout.

Therefore the conclusion I have reached is that whether south-east direction kitchen is there or not, it should not matter if the kitchen is not facing the relevant expected direction. In flats, apartments and condominium, is very unlikely that we will get Vaastu complaint kitchens to our advantage. Small and minor adjustments could be made as per Saral Vaastu recommendations as so to mitigate the effect of the south-east direction being not there, for the kitchen. The person doing the cooking should have his / her date of birth approved favorable direction for cooking that should be followed.

  1. Bharti

    My kitchen is in North West corner is there any harm due to this

    • Saral Vaastu

      Dear Bharati,

      Thank you for showing interest in Saral Vaastu. Kindy share your contact details with us on our mail ID so that we can arrange a call from our expert team so that we can explain you in better way.

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