Right Direction Attracts Prosperity and Happiness

Directions play a very important role in Vastu and make the basis of Vastu tips. Unlike traditional vastu, Saral Vastu believes that directions work differently for every individual. It completely depends on the date of birth of an individual (head of the family). The cosmic energy attracts loads of success and prosperity in all aspects of life if one follows his direction. Hence, it is a combination of the date of birth of a person along with a few algorithms that may bring the answers about the best-suited directions.

Vastu Shastra says that all the directions almost have a similar effect, but it is actually the inner layout of the house that should be designed according to the Vastu principles.

  • The Main door of the house should be well lit both inside and outside and darkness should be avoided
  • Place a water body in front of the main door to enhance the positive energy
  • Main door should not be placed below ground level as it obstructs all the flow of cosmic energy and effects the overall growth
  • A mirror should not be placed in front of the mirror as it takes away all the energy
  • If a main door is constructed according to the owner’s best direction then the house will be completed without any problems

All these aspects again depend on every individual’s date of birth. Otherwise, they would have to face problems in the house. Saral Vastu offers intelligent algorithm for computing beneficial directions based on one’s date of birth. This gives you a complete plan for your house and in return brings in positive energy.

Are still wondering how this concept works? Whether you should have a south facing house or not? Do not be! Come visit Saral Vastu consultant and clear all your doubts. Be sure to have a happy and peaceful life!

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