From among the audiences at my talks and seminars , the womenfolk commonly ask me the question, “Does Saral Vaastu effect result or act on our bodies too? “Or in simple terms,” What could be the impact of Vaastu on women bodies and their health? Now this is a very relevant question. Saral Vaastu looks at the question from the angle of Direction in which women tend to sleep in their bedrooms and the way their beds or cots are laid out.

you all will observe that the bed or cot is touching the walls on both the sides i.e. both directions. When womenfolk sleep on this kind of bed arrangement, no matter how much abstinence from food or dieting or any other food deprivation recourse they follow; it would have no effect on their weight reduction but they will put on weight and that will become a tendency in the long run.

You must be wondering why is it happening like this? This is so because energy always flows in through the house and so too in the bedrooms. So when the cot touches both the walls, the free flow of energy is obstructed, leading to insufficient energy levels for women. So they end up, putting on weight for no obvious reason.

You see the cot or bed placed as it is done in most of the hotels, lodges, resorts or holiday homes. This is the exact and correct scientific positioning of the beds or cots that should be followed at homes leaving space at all the ends where the bed is placed right in the middle, touching just one end. This perfect position ensures the scientifically proven facilitating, of the free flow of energy in the room from all sides, without any obstructions so as to facilitate the proper intake by the person/ persons sleeping in the room or living in the room. This is especially true for the womenfolk who are able to get the free intake of positive energy circulating in the room from all sides without any obstruction in their way, thus causing the obesity level in fat womenfolks to come down as well as maintaining a decent weight level at all the times. This is also very true of all the menstruating women during their period days when they need more positive energy as compared to normal days of the month. The unhindered flow of energy invigorates the whole body structure of the women concerned bringing out the positiveness in their character traits as well as recharging their batteries for the whole day so that they are able to carry out their household and employ-ability duties, fine to the core.

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