What is Saral Floor Planner?

Saral Floor Planner is a concept through which we predict the exact happening in your life with the help of few images of your premise with assured results in 6-8 months.

How do you get to know my problems with just an Image?

Images of your house will help us get the directions and dimensions. This helps us in creating a floor plan of your house. By applying Saral Vaastu’s scientific concepts, our experts analyze the energy variations of your house and make predictions.

How can you be sure that the plan which you make will be accurate according to my house?

We create floor plans with few scientific algorithms and for further affirmation, we discuss the floor plan with you in order to make precise predictions at the time of full consultancy.

How to send the Images?

You can send the images through our Saral Floor Planner App available on Google Play Store.

Can I just upload Images from my photo gallery in your App?

For now that option is not available. As of now, you have to send it through Saral Floor Plan App.

How does compass work?

Hold your compass point-blank and shake your phone & rotate your handset like a number 8 for better calibration, which will help you to capture the accurate directions. To know more kindly click on the link.

Is it chargeable?

Initial analysis and prediction is absolutely free as a launching offer till 30th September 2017. Solution/Remedy is chargeable based on your premise and the problems which will be discussed with you and shall be mutually agreed.

Do you require the date of birth of all my family members for prediction?

Yes we do need the date of birth of all family members. The prediction is based on the date of birth of head of family but we also assess the date of birth of all other family members so that we advise all your family members with appropriate directions that need to be followed so as to ensure that the entire family can achieve bliss and happiness.

Is it like astrology or card reading Apps?

No! It’s purely scientific based on proprietary algorithms.

What will you require from us to share our life related problems?

Only your living / work place images & date of birth.

Can I download the Saral floor planner App in my I-phone?

Currently the application is available on Google Play store (for Android phones only) and we will be launching iOS supportive update of the App shortly.

Do you assure solutions for our every problem?

We will analyse your house and identify the problems you are facing and as a part of our consultancy you get detailed advice which when implemented helps in getting relief from different life related problems.

What kind of paper do I need to complete this procedure?

You are required to use the A4 size sheets for the completion of the procedure.

From where can I get the A4 size paper?

You can visit your nearest stationery store or Xerox centre to purchase A4 size papers.

Can i use any other paper?

No. We request you to use A4 size sheets only.

In how many cities do you provide your service?

Currently the service is only for India and for the states of Orissa, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal and Rajasthan.

What kind of problems do you solve?

We provide solutions to every life related problems such as – Health, Wealth, Marriage and Relations, Career, Name and Fame, Education, Childless couples, Court and litigations, Foreign opportunities, Peace of mind etc.

What if I don't get result after following all your procedure?

If you fail to receive the results after implementing the advice, then as per our policy you may seek for a refund. Terms & Conditions

Currently I am doing a job in Bangalore and living in rented house and my hometown is in Uttar Pradesh which house would you consider for plan?

The images of the house you are currently living in i.e. in the above case, Bangalore.

What is the difference between Saral floor planner and other Vaastu Apps?

Saral floor planner provides you consultation to your life-related problems. After receiving images from you, we create a layout and basis the date of birth we predict the problems and also provide advice / remedies when you seek consultancy from us.

Is Saral floor planner advice based on Saral Vaastu?

Yes. Saral Vaastu is our core service; Saral floor planner is an online platform which enables you to get connected and seek advice from us.

How Saral floor planner different than face-to-face consultation?

Saral floor planner saves your time & money and helps us to serve you better in short time at the comfort of your homes.

What if you give a ready-made plan? Are the images still compulsory?

Yes, you can send your ready-available plan on the e-mail id myplan@saralvaastu.com, but images will be needed for cross-validation for us to provide you with better service for better results.

I have already installed the Saral Vaastu App and have registered my mobile number and now when I am installing "Saral floor planner" App I am getting an error "your number is already registered”. Please suggest me what to do?

Saral Vaastu & Saral floor planner are two completely different Apps. So, even if you register with the same number on these two Apps, you will get registered. However, if you face any issues, please contact on our helpline number.

Does the Java based mobile phones support the Saral Floor App. ?

Sir, at least android mobile phone with camera is required.

Will I be charged if I call at your helpline number?

Your call charges will be applicable as per your network connection‘s call rates. There will be no separate charges for calls to us.

I have 3 doors in my home and I am using all of them. On what basis should I consider the 1st door of my house for capturing the images?

The most frequently door in your house will be the 1st door of your house.

Does this app works in every android phones?

Yes. But, your android version should be minimum 4.3.0 and above, with 2GB RAM & Gyroscope Sensor with good internet connectivity and a good quality camera.