Online Vastu Consultation

Welcome to a whole new world of online vastu consultation through Saral Floor Plan App. This App is your best friend when it comes to easy Vastu solutions without stepping out of your house. Saral Vaastu took the initiative to reach out to people in every corner of the world and help them make their lives better and happier. We have come up with the App that helps you get personalized Vastu solutions to all your life-related problems with just a tap on your smartphones.

This App is easily available on Google Play Store and is compatible with all the smartphones that run on Android OS with Gyroscope.

It helps you reach Saral Vaastu Experties Team anytime and from anywhere. This App saves you the long waiting hours for consultancy. You simply click pictures of the walls in your premises and send it to Saral Vaastu Experts for predictions.

Terms & Conditions

And that’s not it! The Saral Floor Planner that helps you identify the reasons behind the problems in your lives, saves you the money of consultation. The Saral Vaastu Experts diagnose the problems in the floor plan and come up with predictions, free of cost.

Advantages of Saral Floor Planner


User-Friendly Application


No Geographical Restrictions


No Structural Changes


Assured Results Within 6-8 Months


No Creed, Caste & Religious Restrain

Simple Steps To Follow:

Step 1: Download & Know How To Use Saral Floor Planner App
Download -> Launch -> Register the Saral Floor Plan App.

Step 2: Capturing Main Door Direction
Screenshot your Main Door directions from 3 different entrance facing places.

Step 3: Get Ready With A4 Size Sheets
Download or Purchase the A4 size sheets.

Click Here To Download

Step 4: Sticking A4 Size Sheets

Number the A4 sheets and stick them on your premise’s walls in clockwise direction.

Step 5: Capturing Image Of The Wall With A4 Sheets
Click pictures of the A4 sheets on the walls.

Step 6: Submit images
Submit all the pictures on the Saral Floor Plan App.

The Complete Process of Saral Floor Planner App

Saral Floor Planner helps you get easy and scientific solutions to all your life-related problems. Saral Floor Planner aims to reach as many people as possible regardless of their religion, region.

Anyone can reach us anytime from anywhere. We take pride in providing solutions that are without any structural changes or breakages in your premises. We assure you to receive the life-changing results for our remedies within 6-8 months.

We provide you with a Saral Vaastu Solution Kit along with an Assurance Letter with 100 percent Cashback Policy, if the assured results are not achieved within the given time-period.

Saral Vaastu is a team of highly dedicated and competent experts trained by Guruji himself. Their sole purpose is to work towards the betterment of mankind.

The solutions that are provided to you by them do not suggest you to make any renovations, breakages or alterations in your home and workplace’s structure.

Saral Vaastu’s concept is unique; it is a calculated scientific method based on the individual date of birth. Every person receives distinct solutions for their problems. With Saral Floor Planner, Saral Vaastu has taken its services to a pedestal by helping you save time and money.

Step 1: सरल फ्लोर प्लानर ऍप को डाउनलोड और इनस्टॉल करना

Step 2: अपने मुख्यद्वार की दिशा का पता करना

Step 3: A4 शीट्स के साथ तैयार होना
डाउनलोड करने के लिये यहाँ क्लिक करें

Step 4: A4 शीट्स को चिपकना

Step 5: A4 शीट्स के साथ दीवारों की तस्वीरें खींचना

Step 6: तस्वीरों को अपलोड करना