The importance of paintings in Vastu is based on a belief in the universal life force of energies. Vastu enhances the flow of energy in your house or workplace with proper placement of paintings in its favorable directions. Vastu uses the magical link between man and the environment to create a surrounding that is in harmony. The importance of paintings in Vastu is to allow easy flow of energy; bringing prosperity, love, health, and wealth.

Every single object around, has its own energy, aura, and vibe. Vastu is about decorating your life with positive energy. According to Vastu, paintings are not about decorating your home. It is about decorating your life. Thus, paintings play a prominent role, since it invokes feelings (Positive & Negative).

Colors are the easiest way to transform Negative Energy to Positive Energy. Making use of proper paintings in your home or office can have many positive effects, not only on your health and wealth but also for your peace of mind. The proper placement of paintings will enhance and harmonize the Vastu of any given area, creating a prosperous environment for the home and workplace.

Paintings are the important tool to harness the universal life energies. Balanced positive energies in the artwork bring good luck and positivism. The favorable colors and description in the paintings attract wealth, health, and prosperity. The importance of painting is to maintain balance in health, wealth, and well-being. And paintings according to Vastu can help you achieve them all.

How can simple brush strokes and the combination of colors bring good luck to your life? What is the importance of painting in Vastu? Well, this is what Vastu has been dealing with for centuries. A little more research to bring in the much-needed happiness and peace is always welcome. Let’s take a look at the importance of painting in Vastu a bit more closer.


Placing the Picture of Straight paths and roads Symbolizes that there are plenty of opportunities ahead.


To bring improvement in a relationship one should make use of paintings such as love birds, couples, etc.


If you paint your house with light colors then it will create an atmosphere of peace in the house and in the house members


Avoid hanging pictures of aggressive gods and goddesses as it results in bringing unnecessary quarrels in the house


If you place photos of late elders in the house then it will always give you their blessings and it will fill you up with positivity as well


The homes where the sun rays don’t have an entry can use the painting of rising sun or the house that miss the element of fire can make use of the paintings os calm and beautiful candles burning bright


Paintings of running horses, mountains and waterfalls in the child study room will help gain more concentration in his studies


To make your dream come true, place a poster resembling your dream in its favorable direction

Now as we understand the importance of painting, it’s not hard to find a perfect theme for painting. Painting preferences vary from home to home and individual to individual. Saral Vaastu Experts understands the importance of painting in Vastu and will provide you the proper preferences in choosing the favorable paintings for your home based on the individual’s Date of Birth.

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