Stress at workplace is a commonality nowadays. People are aggressively following their professional dreams and they sideline the health aspect of life. It particularly affects middle aged men who are at the higher rungs of a corporation and who do not indulge themselves in any exercises. Some of them also bring their work to homes and are stressed most of the times.

Keeping stress at bay has numerous benefits that are already well known. The benefits and methods of stress relieving methods so are so universal that everyone already knows about it. However there are subtle ways to get rid of stress that no one will tell you.

Vastu shastra is a unique way to keep stress at bay. However one should understand that Vastu shastra is not a method to beat stress, but an intelligent architecture that channels positive energy in the body and keeps it healthy. The magic of Vastu shastra will not work overnight, but with time everyone will realize the magic in it.

Here are some of the unique tricks of Vastu Shastra that helps you to deal with stress:

  • One of the simplest advices offered by Vastu Shastra is never to sit or sleep under a beam. If your seating location in office lies under a beam then ask your management to shift your place. A beam carries lot of negative energies that affects the proper flow of energy within your body and thus results in stress.
  • To increase positivity in life and drive away stress, keep your home clean and well lit. By doing so gloominess is avoided.
  • Sleeping, working and even performing yoga or meditation in your favorable direction lowers stress and improves performance in all aspects of life.

These are just some of the unique ways Vastu can help you beat stress (there are many more which can be learned by our experts). Everyone has their own favorable directions and utilizing it properly will yield you rich benefits. Experts from Saral Vastu can help you determine every individual’s favorable and unfavorable directions.

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