I am a businessman but since the last many years, there have been problems and disturbances creeping up in my business and my relationship with my family members and relatives has also deteriorated. Having tried all means but with no visible results, I was really exasperated and at my wits end.

I contacted many Vaastu experts, but everybody recommended doing breakages and renovations in my house which I did not like. Later one day, while watching a program on ETV Marathi channel, on Saral Vaastu, I decided to go in for Saral Vaastu services done at my place. I came to know that Saral Vaastu is such a procedure that is completely based on Scientific Outlook, in which there is no breakage or renovation involved and the Vaastu inspection is done without them as, has been my own experience.

As soon as the Saral Vaastu expert came to my house, he told me all about the ‘important places’ in my house, my auspicious and my favorite color, number, favorite direction etc. Then he advised me how to go about getting Saral Vaastu done at my place in detail. In just a few months of doing ‘Saral Vaastu’, my family became happy, full of peace and tranquility and all the problems afflicting my household, began to dissipate slowly but steadily. My relationship with my relatives and acquaintances, improved by leaps and bounds. Even many pending work or assignments related to my busines,s also materialized suddenly in the form of finished work. Due to Saral Vaast my life became very happy, content and eventful, the credit for my success in all spheres, solely goes to Saral Vaastu and Dr. Sri Chandrashekhar Guruji, to whom I express my since gratitude and thankfulness.

Sri Yashwant Pawar Family

(Ghodbunder Road, Thane (W)