For the last 5 years, I have been engaged in dairy business, but I have not been getting that kind of profits that I should naturally get. To get over this I decided to take the advice of my elder brother who asked me to go in for Saral Vaastu service, to find out the Vaastu related defects. He also advised me to avail and fully implement the full procedure under the Saral Vaastu defects cure.

The Saral Vaastu expert as soon as he came to my farm as well as to my home for inspection, he told me about the importance of all the Directions . On his advice, I decided to go for all the Vaastu material inculcation, according to the list given to me by the expert.

Further the expert informed me about my favorite direction for sleeping, remaining awake, working, sitting, studying and doing sundry daily things as usual; based on my individual Date of Birth. He also dwelt upon my favorite color, favorite number, apart from my favorite Direction.

Having followed all the experts direction in total, inculcating the Saral Vaastu materials in the entire household, I realized in no time that an amazing change is taking place in my life gradually. The changes in all spheres of my life, those that have never taken place howsoever much I wished, are now happening with such frequency as if by magic. My Dairy Business improved tremendously by leaps and bounds, rather amazingly, as the changes that I have always wished to gain maximum profit through it but that has never truly materialized; due to the blessings of Guruji and his Saral Vaastu, suddenly began to happen and I was able to make grand profits that has earlier never ever happened, during my last five years of business. Development in my business continued at a rapid pace, I planted more banana and coconut plantations due to which, the prosperity quotient rose in my family and my life as well as the life of my family members became very happy, full of extreme satisfaction.

Sri Vivek Gonsalves Family

(businessman, Vasai, Dist. – Thane)