Before going in for Saral Vaastu, I was very much desperate and disillusioned, as many years have passed but my wife was not able to experience the joy of motherhood of having a child. One day, in the ‘Vartamaan’ newspaper, I saw an advertisement regarding Saral Vaastu and after reading it, I contacted the Saral Vaastu organization. Although I stay in a ‘rented place’ of residence, despite the fact, the Saral Vaastu expert decided to inspect my home for Vaastu defects.

After the inspection, the expert told me various, very important things on issues related to my problem and also explained me how to go about getting the Saral Vaastu materials, required for the remedial solution, for my home. It is most surprising that since I decided to get Saral Vaastu done at my ‘rented place’, my dream of having ‘my own’ house materialized, that is the biggest blessing I got from Saral Vaastu. And after seeing my own house and getting Saral Vaastu services done, my wife after some months became pregnant and later gave birth to my child.

Now I have a four year old daughter. I am very happy today in my family, leading a contented life. The gift of joyfulness and ecstasy provided by Dr. Sri Chandrashekhar Guruji cannot be reciprocated in words, but still I would like to express my immense thankfulness to him and would advice everyone to go get Saral Vaastu implementation done at their homes and workplaces.

Sri Sushilkumar Singla Family

(Kharghar, Navi Mumbai)