My son-in- law told me to get Saral Vaastu done. On his recommendation, I got the Saral Vaastu expert at my home and got the Vaastu Defects relating inspection done. The Saral Vaastu expert then told me all about the Saral Vaastu based simple, scientific solutions that are totally based on the principles and perspective of science. He also gave me the full procedural details about implementing Saral Vaastu at my home.

The Saral Vaastu expert then went on to tell me about my financial, wealth, relationship, good health related ‘Places’ based on my favorite direction and Date of Birth. He elaborated that there won’t be any breakages or renovations in my houses . After that he told me that ten Vaastu related materials would have to be incorporated in the household. Based on his suggestions, I agreed to do the needful. In a very short time ,there developed a very pleasant and favorable atmosphere at home, my business saw much profit and growth as well as better development.

Through the inculcation and adoption of Saral Vaastu at home / workplaces / establishment, each and every human being would be able to make his life worth-living as well as full of happiness. This is my ardent wish that everybody should get Saral Vaastu done at home for ushering in immense prosperity, good health, wealth, peace and tranquility at home and outside and for this noble gesture I am forever indebted to Dr. Sri Chandrashekhar Guruji who through his Saral Vaastu related efforts, has made this impossible thing possible, as a mark of service to humanity.

Sri & Smt. Ghanshyam H. Kapuriya

(Andheri, Mumbai)