Due to the influence and blessings of Saral Vaastu, there used to be complete peace, prosperity and tranquility in the atmosphere of my home when my first son was there. But when I decided to go in for a new house and get in constructed, my wife’s health took a tumble and new health problems emerged, that were not there before. Practically all sorts of new issues and problems began raising their heads in the household and started cropping up, one after the other.

The Saral Vaastu expert came to my household. After having done the minutest inspection for Vaastu defects, he came to the conclusion that the Main Door of the house has got to be shifted towards my favorable position, according to my Date of Birth. Further he gave a very important information that the Washing Machine at home was stationed at the ‘Wealth Place’ that was totally uncalled for. That exactly is the reason, the expert mentioned, why in spite of earning to my fill, the prosperity was not evidently showing in the household as the money was not retained in the home at home but was constantly moving outside, causing me and my family, all sorts of troubles and problems.

On the Saral Vaastu expert’s advice, I decided to inculcate 10 (ten), Saral Vaastu materials and paraphernalia throughout my entire household. In just around 7 (seven) days, the ill-health problems of my wife began to improve, my job and behavior became up to the mark that everybody began to appreciate in me. I concluded that Saral Vaastu services are based on the truly experienced people’s experiences and anecdotes from their own lives, that they have gained or enriched during the inculcation of Saral Vaastu in their lives, homes and hearths for which I truly and solemnly convey my full gratefulness and extreme thankfulness to Dr. Sri. Chandrashekhar Guruji who has bought about, a new ray of hope in the life of all troubled people of India and abroad.

Sri Rajendra Tamboli Family

(Service, Thane)