Having taken new Vaastu and going through ‘Gruha Pravesh’ ceremony, my family life was going on very smoothly on the tracks. All of a sudden, unexplained quarrels and disputes began raising their heads in my household and the whole atmosphere became vitiated. My heart and soul began to get detached from my job and career, there was on interest in my life and due to some court cases came up for hearing that totally disoriented me from my peaceful life . I have taken loans from many people and to return the loan along with interest, became a huge load on me as I could not save any money at home and the accumulated wealth also began to disappear from the household. There was no hope for money being retained at my house or household.

On coming to know about these numerous problems , my friend advised me to go in for Saral Vaastu at my dwelling place. I decided to watch the ‘Saral Vaastu’ program on T. V. and thereafter decided to call the Saral Vaastu expert at my home. He decided to do a thorough Saral Vaastu inspection of my whole house and also told me about the required materials in Saral Vaastu to be utilized at my place. I immediately sent for the materials to be inculcated along with the complete procedure of overcoming Saral Vaastu Dosha at my household.

An amazing change came in to my life and the lives of the family members at home. In just 3 (three) months, effective changes began to manifest at home and wonder of wonders, my concentration and zeal towards my work, returned with renewed vigor allowing me to work with energy and resurgent enthusiasm. There was so much hope around that I thought if the case came up for hearing, I would have already won it without any fail. Such was the state of confidence in myself and due to the positiveness that was evidently exhibited at the home front as well as in my life. I am able to slowly and slowly, return the loans taken from different people now as money has begun to be retained at my place.