I saw a programme related to Saral Vaastu on some T. V. Channel and made up my mind that I will take and inculcate Saral Vaastu at my home or place because it is based on Scientific Outlook completely. There is no superstition or superstitious thought involved. When the Saral Vaastu expert came to my place, he told me that there is no breakages or renovation involved as I was quite apprehensive about it. He also told me about the remedial solution involved and how to go about it. The expert informed me about my unfavorable and favorable directions as well as how to incorporate Saral Vaastu materials at my home, so as to get maximum benefits out of them.

Listening to his advice, I decided to get Saral Vaast for my home and in a very short time, I was able to get maximum benefits out of it, very pleasant experiences I had too, as my relationship with all my relatives and acquaintances improved considerably. My economic condition improved as I was able to make considerable profits. The most noticeable thing was that my life became very pleasant and happy for which I would like to give full credit to Dr. Sri Chandrashekhar Guruji and his Saral Vaastu principles towards whom, I will remain forever indebted and grateful.

Sri And Srimati

Prabhu Chandrakant Hiremath

(Businessman, Pune)