Three months back , renovation of my house started then at that time my very dear and bosom pal suggested me Saral Vaastu solutions to be implemented at my home. My main problem was that my divorce case was going on and due to it, the whole atmosphere at my place became vitiated and tense. I decided to go in for Saral Vaastu solutions to get rid of my problems or lessen them to some extent. The expert from Saral Vaastu came to do the Saral Vaastu Defects finding test and examined the whole house. The expert after coming to my house, examining each and every room ultimately coming to the conclusion that certain Vaastu Defects are there creating problems in my household. Then I myself told him about the certain problems in my life that was affecting the whole tranquility and peace of my household. Subsequently I asked him to do the required necessary things to be done to remove the defects and solve my problems.

It came as a big surprise that just within 15-20 days, in my house there came an atmosphere of peace and tranquility, that was not happening before and a positive vibe of happiness came into my life and those of the other inhabitants of the house. Even my dwindling relationship with all my relatives improved tremendously and even my business seemingly started providing me with profit growth. Saral Vaastu and Dr. Sri Chandrashekhar Guruji have both come as a god sent blessing for us so as to enrich and provide the necessary cure from all our maladies and issues afflicting our households. My wish is that every troubled soul should get the necessary relief and respite that I got from Guruji and Saral Vaastu should he applied to each and every household.

Sri Paresh Sudhakar Potdar (Businessman-Mumbai)