After watching the Saral Vaastu program on IBN LOKMAT News Channel, I decided to avail of Saral Vaastu services at my home . The Saral Vaastu expert came to my home and after doing his inspection, told me all about the Vaastu related problems at my household. The Saral Vaastu expert told me all about the importance and meaning of all the directions and their significance.

The expert further informed me about how Saral Vaastu is based on procedures, related to scientific perspective and principles. In his words,“Saral Vaastu has been invented in such a manner that its Vaastu does not involve any kind of breakages or renovations.

Saral Vaastu is such a simple, easy to understand and adopt, purely science based methodology that it is widely used by common people and utilized by the masses in general without any distinction. It is for the service of all humanity. After the implementation of Saral Vaastu at my place, my son’s studies and education progressed tremendously, my workplace as well as my home, both developed very conducive and pleasant atmosphere for my mental peace and tranquility. For this very reason, I wish to convey my full gratefulness and thanks to Dr. Sri Chandrashekhar Guruji for his initiative and efforts in making Saral Vaastu reachable to all.

Sri Ganesh Shamrao Mhaske Family

(Service, Pune)